Sex: female

Available for shooting: perhaps

Eye color: blue-green

Hair color: black

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 160 cm

Size of dress: 36 (according to EU standard)

Size of shoes: 36 (according to EU standard)

Size of bra: 70c

Available collections

Nora's facebouncing for beauty 0
2018-06-14 Nora 5:17 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom

Nora's facebouncing for beauty

Nora's silver-leo-leggins facesitting  0
2016-06-14 Nora 21 images Face Sitting

Nora's silver-leo-leggins facesitting

Nora's leather facebouncing 0
2016-04-16 Nora 5:07 minutes Face Sitting

Nora's leather facebouncing

Nora's Jeansfacesitting and bouncing 0
2015-08-13 Nora 6:24 minutes Face Sitting

Nora's Jeansfacesitting and bouncing

Nora's string-facesitting 0
2015-06-20 Nora 24 images Face Sitting

Nora's string-facesitting

Nora: Come in my ass!  0
2015-05-08 Nora 5:13 minutes Face Sitting

Nora: Come in my ass!

Nora's snake-leather-facesitting  0
2015-04-13 Nora 5:39 minutes Face Sitting

Nora's snake-leather-facesitting