Sex: female

Available for shooting: no

Eye color: brown

Hair color: black

Weight: 78 kg

Height: 166 cm

Size of dress: 42 (according to EU standard)


heavy! heavy! HEAVY!!!!

Available collections

Cassandra's smoking-break  0
2017-07-04 Cassandra 11:51 minutes Face Sitting

Cassandra's smoking-break

Cassandra, sitting and tickling 0
2016-11-10 Cassandra 10:47 minutes Tickling

Cassandra, sitting and tickling

Cassandra, more heavy jeans-facesitting 0
2016-08-29 Cassandra 9:40 minutes Face Sitting

Cassandra, more heavy jeans-facesitting

Cassandra, no chance under me 1  0
2016-08-23 Cassandra 9:16 minutes Face Sitting

Cassandra, no chance under me 1