Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons

2019-07-06Julia-Eva7:37 minutesFace Sitting, Femdom
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 1
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 2
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 3
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 4
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 5
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 6
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 7
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 8
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 9
Julia-Eva's breath-hold-lessons 10

Julia_Eva wants to teach her slave to hold his breath for longer time, when she plays with him.

In the beginning she sits beneath him and her hands are covering his mouth and nose, so he cannot easely breath.

Soon she decides, that he has to train under pressure, means under her and her weight.

She sits on his chest, throat, letting him breath under pressure, the she moves on his belly and closes his mouth with her feet.

Finally she lands with her big ass on his face.... big pressure but no air:-)

The game goes on in various position, to the end she takes his head between her soft tits.

Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 1
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 2
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 3
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 4
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 5
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 6
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 7
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 8
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 9
Lady Seraphina, the (ab)used forest-worker part5 10

After (ab)using the forestworker outdoor and in the torture-cellar with facesitting in a dominant looking PVC-Lack dress, it's time to loose some more dress.

Lady Seraphina, stands over the face of her slave and removes her dress slowly, teasing him with the view to her ass.

Then she decends slowly on his face, digging the nose deep in her ass-crack.

She sits in various directions and positions on his face, throat and body, he has to endure her sweet weight.

While sitting on his throat, she cut off his air-supply in a playful way with her hands in gloves over his mouth and nose.
Then she climbs again on his face

Jane's breath-education "ass wins"

2018-10-13Jane6:41 minutesFace Sitting, Femdom
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 1
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 2
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 3
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 4
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 5
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 6
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 7
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 8
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 9
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 10

Jane trains her slave for better breath-holding, because she wants to have a good face seat.

First she sits on him and takes his face in her tits, it's a nice way to hold the breath between these two amples.

The she uses her hands for closing his mouth and nose, classical HOM.

And after more titsmother wellness she turns around and uses her ass for steeling finally his air-supply.

She controls with the stopwatch if he gained the breathhold ability.....

Between her ass-cheeks he has no chance and must hold longer... Ass wins!!!