Renate's ass-slave-training

2019-04-25 Renate 6:14 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Renate's ass-slave-training 1
Renate's ass-slave-training 2
Renate's ass-slave-training 3
Renate's ass-slave-training 4
Renate's ass-slave-training 5
Renate's ass-slave-training 6
Renate's ass-slave-training 7
Renate's ass-slave-training 8
Renate's ass-slave-training 9
Renate's ass-slave-training 10

Renate teaches her slave under her ass.

She enters the scene and sits down on his face, his nose gets deep in her ass-crack, some ass-shaking and the nose drives deeper.

She sits in different ways on his face and throat, shaking, rubbing.....

damm'n, if you see this, you want to be under her;-)

Renate's sofa-slave

2018-05-12 Renate 6:34 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Renate's sofa-slave  1
Renate's sofa-slave  2
Renate's sofa-slave  3
Renate's sofa-slave  4
Renate's sofa-slave  5
Renate's sofa-slave  6
Renate's sofa-slave  7
Renate's sofa-slave  8
Renate's sofa-slave  9
Renate's sofa-slave  10

Renate has her slave on the sofa, ready for to have fun with him.

She climbs with her knees on his chest, bounces a little bit for giving him an idea how his job as her toy will be.

Then she changes to a sitting position on his chest, walks on her ass-cheeks slowly right on his throat and squeezes his head and face between her nice tighs.

Then it's time to teach him a lesson in facesitting, she sits sidewart down and traps his face under her ass, rubbing and bouncing so he's going deeper in her ass.

Later she changer to reverse, so he's better trapped in her ass-crack, again rubbing and shaking for driving him deeper.

To the end he has to worship her boots and endure more bouncing and butt-dropping.

Moira: facesitting is fun....

2018-01-09 Moira 5:07 minutes
Moira: facesitting is fun....  1
Moira: facesitting is fun....  2
Moira: facesitting is fun....  3
Moira: facesitting is fun....  4
Moira: facesitting is fun....  5
Moira: facesitting is fun....  6
Moira: facesitting is fun....  7
Moira: facesitting is fun....  8
Moira: facesitting is fun....  9
Moira: facesitting is fun....  10

to be under her ass also ;-)

Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel

2017-12-02 Isabella 6:24 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom, Pantyhose
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 1
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 2
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 3
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 4
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 5
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 6
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 7
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 8
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 9
Isabella's Ass-Crack-Hotel 10

Isabella wears a sexy nylon dress with many big holes (see preview), best for show her round ass.

She steps over er slave, shakes her ass a little and decends on his face engulfing his nose with the ass cheeks.

Yes it's a nice place for the nose in her warm soft ass-crack, like a wellness hotel, but..... no air... help need to breath... this is the price for the warm place ;-)

She sits mostly reverse, one time sideward, ever with much weight or fullweight, on his face.

Moira, your nose in my ass

2017-03-21 Moira 4:56 minutes Face Sitting
Moira, your nose in my ass 1
Moira, your nose in my ass 2
Moira, your nose in my ass 3
Moira, your nose in my ass 4
Moira, your nose in my ass 5
Moira, your nose in my ass 6
Moira, your nose in my ass 7
Moira, your nose in my ass 8
Moira, your nose in my ass 9
Moira, your nose in my ass 10

Moira wears a very little sexy string-tanga and sits reverse on her slaves face, presses her pussy on his nose and buries the whole face in her ass.