Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 1
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 2
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 3
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 4
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 5
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 6
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 7
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 8
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 9
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 10

The slave on the bouncing-bench, ready for some squashing and body-bouncing fun!

Tyra steps over him, teasing him with the view of her shaking ass, soon dropping on his chest.

She rides and bounces on his body, which causes answers from him lick Uff-Uff-Uff!

So she moves a little back first on his throat and finally on his face......

Then she does a teasing-game with her feet on his face and his mouth, still sitting reverse on his chest.

Milena: footworship and facesitting 1
Milena: footworship and facesitting 2
Milena: footworship and facesitting 3
Milena: footworship and facesitting 4
Milena: footworship and facesitting 5
Milena: footworship and facesitting 6
Milena: footworship and facesitting 7
Milena: footworship and facesitting 8
Milena: footworship and facesitting 9
Milena: footworship and facesitting 10

Milena in a black body with net-pantyhose meets her slave on a soft mat, right for to play with.

First she decends on his chest, facing his feet, and begins to make a sitdance moving revers on his face, digging his nose right in her asscrack.

Then she turns around, now foreward sitting on his stomach she uses his face as her footstool.

She plays with her feet and his face a nice facesqueezing game.

Sitting sideward on his chest, moving on his throat and squeezing the face with one soft ass-cheek... and finally landing once again on his nose.

Svetlana, Domination games

2018-09-04 Svetlana 5:16 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom, Foot Fetish
Svetlana, Domination games 1
Svetlana, Domination games 2
Svetlana, Domination games 3
Svetlana, Domination games 4
Svetlana, Domination games 5
Svetlana, Domination games 6
Svetlana, Domination games 7
Svetlana, Domination games 8
Svetlana, Domination games 9
Svetlana, Domination games 10

The slave lies on a high bench and Svetlana climbs on him for to plays with.

First she climbs on his chest and kneels on him, then she changes to sitting and uses his face as footstool, while she sits on his chest and throat.

Finaly she moves foreward and sits on his face.

Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  1
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  2
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  3
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  4
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  5
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  6
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  7
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  8
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  9
Jane: the jeans-ass breath-hold-therapy  10

Jane has her slave in a high bench, which allowed her to sit like on a saddle with the feet of the ground, 

Now his face is her saddle, she mounts him and sits with all her weight on the poor face.

She wants to train his breathholding abiltiy with longer sitting periods, but he struggles, because lack of air; he cannot hold his breath long enough.

So she moves on his throat, crushes his windpipe under her, maybe he learns.

But he seems to enjoy this to much, so she moves again on the face and crushes the nosee with the hard jeans-ass.

Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass

2016-06-05 Daliah 7:47 minutes Foot Fetish
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 1
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 2
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 3
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 4
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 5
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 6
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 7
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 8
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 9
Daliah: eat my socks, feet and ass 10

Daliah dominates her slave with her feet and ass. She sits down on his stomach, using his face as footstool. First he must remove her sneaker and smell the intensive stinky odor from the socks. Then its time to remove the socks, she presses the stink socks over his nose and in his mouth.... enjoy the smell!!!! Then she places the socks on his nose and her ass above..... smell it under pressure!

It's more a footfetish clip with little facesitting, but a lot of stomachssitting and socks eating