Emily's heavy jeans-ass

2015-01-20 Emily 46 images Face Sitting
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 0
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 1
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 2
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 3
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 4
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 5
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 6
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 7
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 8
Emily's heavy jeans-ass 9

Emilly tortures her slave under her jeans-ass with alll her weight.... poor face gets seriously crushed!

Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra

2015-01-17 Isabella 11:28 minutes Face Sitting
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  1
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  2
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  3
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  4
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  5
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  6
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  7
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  8
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  9
Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra  10

Isabella's ass looks stunning in such metal-lycra-leggins, who wont be under her? Her slave definitvely must be enjoying her fighting game. She's everytime on top of him, sometimes he must eat her feet.... or her big, round ass.

Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3

2015-01-14 7:17 minutes Face Sitting
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 1
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 2
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 3
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 4
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 5
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 6
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 7
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 8
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 9
Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3 10

Re-edited clip from the DVD "the used forest-worker" Seraphina continues with flattening the face of the "forest-worker" under her sexy jeans-ass.

Dalia's facesitting in lingerie

2015-01-12 Daliah 100 images Face Sitting
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 0
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 1
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 2
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 3
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 4
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 5
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 6
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 7
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 8
Dalia's facesitting in lingerie 9

Picture-set of Daliah, showing how she hides a poor face in her ass and crotch.

Katrin and her human punching-ball

2015-01-09 Katrin 6:45 minutes Face Sitting
Katrin and her human punching-ball 1
Katrin and her human punching-ball 2
Katrin and her human punching-ball 3
Katrin and her human punching-ball 4
Katrin and her human punching-ball 5
Katrin and her human punching-ball 6
Katrin and her human punching-ball 7
Katrin and her human punching-ball 8
Katrin and her human punching-ball 9
Katrin and her human punching-ball 10

Katrin uses her slave for improve her boxing-skills , but her slave is impudent and tries to defend and fight back, This isn't Katrin's way, she shoves him to the grounnd and, once on top, he gets his lesson. Kneeling on his chest or sitting on his face and everytime hitting him with her boxing-gloves. A little more than only play-fight! Katrin wants to win........

Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded

2015-01-07 Jill Diamond 6:19 minutes Face Sitting
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 1
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 2
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 3
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 4
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 5
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 6
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 7
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 8
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 9
Jill Diamond, Facehopping reloaded 10

The slave lies on a bench, filled with springs, it's like a trampoline, and Jill sits on his face. Mostly it's not sitting, it's jumping or hopping on his poor face, Jill has a lot of fun.
Old clip!!!, new edited

Benita facesitting in leo-leggins

2015-01-05 Benita 104 images Face Sitting
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 0
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 1
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 2
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 3
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 4
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 5
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 6
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 7
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 8
Benita facesitting in leo-leggins 9

Picture set of Benita, showing how she facesits and smothers with her big ass. Beware of wild-cats

Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 1
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 2
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 3
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 4
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 5
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 6
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 7
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 8
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 9
Yvette Costeau: A happy time in my ass. 10

After a little slave-poking with her highheels, Yvette sits down on her slaves face, her ass is oft and big enough for taking his face, and she's lifting her feet off the ground and pressing her ass with alle her weight (140lbs) on the poor face.


Yvette-style = happy sitting style!

Vivienne's picture-set

2014-12-31 Vivienne 83 images Face Sitting
Vivienne's picture-set 0
Vivienne's picture-set 1
Vivienne's picture-set 2
Vivienne's picture-set 3
Vivienne's picture-set 4
Vivienne's picture-set 5
Vivienne's picture-set 6
Vivienne's picture-set 7
Vivienne's picture-set 8
Vivienne's picture-set 9

Picturesets from the old faceesitting-mmberr-page of Vivienne.

Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush

2014-12-31 Daliah 6:17 minutes Face Sitting
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 1
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 2
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 3
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 4
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 5
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 6
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 7
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 8
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 9
Daliah's jeans-ass-slave-crush 10

Daliah in tight blue-jeans uses her slave's face as her saddle. the bench with the face is so high, that Daliah can lift her feet off te grouund and use all her weight for maximum slave-face-crushiing.