Sarah,suffer under my jeansass

2017-10-05 6:05 minutes Face Sitting
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  1
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  2
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  3
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  4
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  5
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  6
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  7
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  8
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  9
Sarah,suffer under my jeansass  10

Sarah sits foreward in different position on her slaves face.
She wears a tight blue jeans and crushes his face with her full weight.

Janet, Facesitting & Smothering

2017-10-03 13:12 minutes Face Sitting
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 1
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 2
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 3
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 4
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 5
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 6
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 7
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 8
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 9
Janet, Facesitting & Smothering 10

Janet wears a sexy red lace bikini and smothers her slave on the bed.
She begins with sitting reverse on his face the changes to foreward-fullweight and to the end to schoolgirl-position.
A nice long facesittingclip with a blonde german dominatrix.

Tags: lack, smother

Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.

2017-09-30 Daliah 7:12 minutes Face Sitting
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  1
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  2
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  3
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  4
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  5
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  6
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  7
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  8
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  9
Daliah: facesitting on a bouncing ball.  10

The slave is so stupid and relaxes on Daliah's gymnastic ball.

Daliah enters the scene and immediatly she sits down on the inviting face.

The slave on the ball is very unstable, so the sitting is an acrobatic act, means: Daliah must ride and bounce on his face for helping to hold the balance, and his face gets seriously squeezed under her.

She changes the direction and captures his nose with her asscrack and rides his face.

After another movement and he is her bed, his nose close to her crotch for an intensive smell.

She also treatens his face under her sneaker and her knees and then she changes to more reverse sitting, riding, bouncing, taking his breath away....

Fun for her and pain for him... like ever!

Francy feel my weight

2017-09-28 Francy 8:14 minutes Face Sitting
Francy feel my weight  1
Francy feel my weight  2
Francy feel my weight  3
Francy feel my weight  4
Francy feel my weight  5
Francy feel my weight  6
Francy feel my weight  7
Francy feel my weight  8
Francy feel my weight  9
Francy feel my weight  10

re-edited from the DVD

Heavy-weight and fullweight facesitting on the bench.

Francy likes sitting with her feet in the air because she can crush the face with realy all her weight.

Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2

2017-09-26 Fetisha 8:17 minutes Face Sitting
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  1
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  2
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  3
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  4
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  5
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  6
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  7
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  8
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  9
Fetisha Tiger-Facesitting 2  10

Compilation of Fetisha smashing a face under her Tiger-jeans-ass.


Fetisha looks stunning in her Tiger-Jeans, especially her ass. 

Under verbal instruction of the camera-operatrice, she punishes her slave with hard facesitting, fullweight, bouncing and dropping and....

without mercy!!! 

again a typical Fetisha-Facesitting-Martyrium

Isabella's makeup-chair.

2017-09-23 Isabella 6:14 minutes Face Sitting
Isabella's makeup-chair. 1
Isabella's makeup-chair. 2
Isabella's makeup-chair. 3
Isabella's makeup-chair. 4
Isabella's makeup-chair. 5
Isabella's makeup-chair. 6
Isabella's makeup-chair. 7
Isabella's makeup-chair. 8
Isabella's makeup-chair. 9
Isabella's makeup-chair. 10

Isabelle needs a chair for rest while she's doing her make-up. What is better, than to use her slave's face for this.

She steps over him, decends slowly down on his body, some wiggling for sitting comfortable and the she starts her make-up and forgets the slave under her.

Sometimes he struggles under her, interrupting her in her make-up. She decides to turn around, still sitting on him and burri his face and nose in her asscrack.

Her ass is big and fleshy, means her ass-crack can eat the nose and takes his airsupply.

Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 1
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 2
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 3
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 4
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 5
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 6
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 7
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 8
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 9
Lady AlexXandra: Lycra-facesitting part1 10

Re-edited from an ollder, but never released, DVD.

LAdy AlexX enters with her dog-slave the dungeon and orders him to lye on a bench.

She mounts her slave's face like a horse, but soon she decides, that he can move to much and binds him with a rope at the bench.

Now helpless, she mounts his face again, sits reverse and begins to play with some toys,like nipple-clamps and brushes.

Part 1 with the first 8 minutes of a one-hour session in the domina-cave-cellar.

Chrissy Metalic Facesiting

2017-09-19 Chrissy 5:09 minutes Face Sitting
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  1
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  2
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  3
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  4
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  5
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  6
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  7
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  8
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  9
Chrissy Metalic Facesiting  10

Chrissy wears a silver-metallic bikini and sits reverse on her slave's face,
watch how she's hopping with her soft ass on a lucky face

Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight.

2017-09-16 Julia-Eva 6:58 minutes Face Sitting
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 1
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 2
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 3
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 4
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 5
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 6
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 7
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 8
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 9
Julia-Eva's fullweight sitting fight. 10

Julia starts sitting on the chest of her slave. He seems to be uncomfortable under her weight so he begins to fight for escape.

But he has no chance under her, she's to strong and heavy for him. She takes his head between her strong thighs and squeezes hard like she wants to pop his skull.

Once he gets for a short moment free... only for to be covered from her big fleshy ass, what she places right on his face, burriing his nose deep in her crack.

Fun fight for her... and little painfull for him ;-)

Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons

2017-09-14 Juliette 5:12 minutes Face Sitting
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 1
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 2
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 3
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 4
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 5
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 6
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 7
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 8
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 9
Madame Juliette, Facesitting in Nylons 10

You like nylons? 

You like glitter nylons, then it's a clip for you. 

Madame Juliette sits on the slaves face, wearing these nylons, it looks funny.