Miss July's pedicure

2018-10-25 Miss July 5:50 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Miss July's pedicure 1
Miss July's pedicure 2
Miss July's pedicure 3
Miss July's pedicure 4
Miss July's pedicure 5
Miss July's pedicure 6
Miss July's pedicure 7
Miss July's pedicure 8
Miss July's pedicure 9
Miss July's pedicure 10

Miss July uses her slave's face as her seat, while doing her daily things.

This time she does the nails of her feet, while her slave has to endure her ass and weight on his face.

This is normal in her house, he's only a piece of furniture for use.

Julia, liquid metal facesitting

2018-10-23 Julia_H 6:07 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  1
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  2
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  3
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  4
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  5
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  6
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  7
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  8
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  9
Julia, liquid metal facesitting  10

Julia wears silver spandex leggins, it looks like liquid metal.... realy sexy!

What ist better than to sit on a happy face in it.

It looks like her metalic ass is flowing over the face.

Katrin's ass vs your face

2018-10-20 Katrin 7:26 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom, Wrestling
Katrin's ass vs your face  1
Katrin's ass vs your face  2
Katrin's ass vs your face  3
Katrin's ass vs your face  4
Katrin's ass vs your face  5
Katrin's ass vs your face  6
Katrin's ass vs your face  7
Katrin's ass vs your face  8
Katrin's ass vs your face  9
Katrin's ass vs your face  10

Katrin teaches her lazy slave a lesson.

She steps over him, drops down on his belly and puts her feet on his face.

Soon she moves foreward and digs the face under her ass.

He tryes to fight back, but against her powerfull legs he has no chance.

She squeezes his neck and head with various scissorholds and again, she lands with her ass on his face.

Nora's leather-girlie domination-game

2018-10-18 Nora 5:21 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 1
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 2
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 3
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 4
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 5
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 6
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 7
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 8
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 9
Nora's leather-girlie domination-game 10

Nora, in leather hotpants, climbs her slave and dominates him with fullweight throat- and facesitting.

Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!!

2018-10-16 Jenny 5:50 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 1
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 2
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 3
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 4
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 5
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 6
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 7
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 8
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 9
Jenny, Smell my jeans-ass!! 10

Jenny is sitting and lying in the slave's face.

And she does her usual hopping moves on the face.

Her jeans are well worn and if she lyes on him he get some air....

thrue the smelling jeans ;-)

Jane's breath-education "ass wins"

2018-10-13 Jane 6:41 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 1
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 2
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 3
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 4
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 5
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 6
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 7
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 8
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 9
Jane's breath-education "ass wins" 10

Jane trains her slave for better breath-holding, because she wants to have a good face seat.

First she sits on him and takes his face in her tits, it's a nice way to hold the breath between these two amples.

The she uses her hands for closing his mouth and nose, classical HOM.

And after more titsmother wellness she turns around and uses her ass for steeling finally his air-supply.

She controls with the stopwatch if he gained the breathhold ability.....

Between her ass-cheeks he has no chance and must hold longer... Ass wins!!!

Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding

2018-10-11 Kim 11:53 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 1
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 2
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 3
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 4
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 5
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 6
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 7
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 8
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 9
Kim's lovely ass-to-face-grinding 10

Kim has a nice round and firm ass, when she sits on a happy face, the nose fits perfectly in her ass-crack.

In this clip, she enjoys to sit reverse on his face and with ass-shacking and grinding the face goes deeper in her ass-crack.

Tags: smother

Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting

2018-10-09 5:05 minutes Face Sitting, Femdom
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 1
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 2
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 3
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 4
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 5
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 6
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 7
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 8
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 9
Natasha: lycra-radler facesitting 10

Natasha sits foreward with streched legs on her slave's face.

Because her legs are streched, he has to carry all her weight on his face.

Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 1
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 2
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 3
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 4
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 5
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 6
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 7
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 8
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 9
Miss Ladyshot: human furniture test 10

Miss Ladyshot has he slave llying on the back, ready for having fun on him.

With a smile she decends on his stomach, enjoying the soft flesh under her.

She bounces, uses his face as her footstool the she moves foreward on his throat.

Sitting on his windpipe she enjoys the vibration under her if he makes some sounds and noises.

The she turns around, drops down on his chest and also moves back on his throat.....

One last lift of her ass and the his face gets sat on....

Tyra's long-legged slave-crush

2018-10-04 Tyra 12:28 minutes Femdom, Wrestling
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 1
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 2
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 3
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 4
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 5
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 6
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 7
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 8
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 9
Tyra's long-legged slave-crush 10

Tyra, 6 ft tall, has long and strong legs, she lets her slave feel in a painfull way, how much power is in these legs.

Once he is trapped in a scissorhold, he may struggle and fight against them, but he has no chance to escape, he gets mercyless squeezed and crushed between such strong legs.