Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 1
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 2
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 3
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 4
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 5
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 6
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 7
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 8
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 9
Tyra's slave-riding-bouncing and facesitting-teasing 10

The slave on the bouncing-bench, ready for some squashing and body-bouncing fun!

Tyra steps over him, teasing him with the view of her shaking ass, soon dropping on his chest.

She rides and bounces on his body, which causes answers from him lick Uff-Uff-Uff!

So she moves a little back first on his throat and finally on his face......

Then she does a teasing-game with her feet on his face and his mouth, still sitting reverse on his chest.

Schlagworte: chestsitting, buttdrops
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 1
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 2
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 3
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 4
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 5
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 6
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 7
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 8
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 9
Jill Diamond's western-facesitting 10

Jill wears a western outfit and wants to make a break for reading a magazine.

She steps over her slave and decends down on his face, "let's take a seat" and now he is her furniture only a thing for to be used.

She sits foreward and streches her legs, so it's comfty and fullweight, means a little painfull, for him.

Soon he runs out of air and begins to struggle, what Jill dislikes, so she gets angry, hits him with the magazine... and sits back, crushing the face again under her ass.

Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face

18.05.2019 Jane 6:51 Minuten Face Sitting, Femdom
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 1
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 2
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 3
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 4
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 5
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 6
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 7
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 8
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 9
Jane, my metal-leggins-ass on your face 10

Jane wears liquid-metal-leggins, steps over her slave and sits down on his face.

After a short sitting-time, she decides to increase the game and chains his hands at the bench.

Then the facesitting goes on, in all ways she takes his breath away with her ass.

It looks sometimes like liquid metal flows over the face.


Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 1
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 2
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 3
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 4
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 5
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 6
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 7
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 8
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 9
Meggie's ass-rubbing and slave-flattening 10

It's the first time, when Meggie has the slave exclusive.

She has her slave, ready for her ideas, for (ab)using what she learned from Kim, while Kim is behind the camera.

She enters the scene and sits down, first on his chest, then moving on his face.

Now the slave becomes a taste of her attitude..... when Meggie has somebody under her ass, she immediatly begins to gyrate and rub her ass and pussy over it, deformation professional?

When she's not sitting on his face, then she bounces on his chest and belly, or she steps fullweight on him and let him suffer under her boots.

Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 1
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 2
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 3
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 4
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 5
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 6
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 7
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 8
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 9
Yvette Costeau, you don't need air under my ass! 10

Yvette steps over her slaves face and decends carefully, so his nose goes right in her ass-crack.

After little shaking for driving the nose deeper, she sits with all her weight...

My ass is so perfect, you don't need to breath!

But this is only the half truth, after a little time he needs air... and more air...

Yvette is so gently, lifts her ass and let him breath... and offcoarse decends again.

The slave-bench is so high, that she can lift her feet of the ground and sit like on a horse = with all her weight!!!

Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 1
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 2
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 3
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 4
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 5
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 6
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 7
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 8
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 9
Barbarella punishes the furniture-slave 10

Daily life in Barbarella's house, the lazy slave is used by her as her furniture, she takes place on his chest while she's talking with her best friend (it's Miss July) at the phone.

To be the seat for her is may be a hard and boring job.... so he has the (bad) idea to lift her skirt for peeping under them.....

Bad and wrong idea!!!!

The punishment for this comes immediatly!

Still talking in the phone, she bounds his hands, fights him down with her feet, kneels on his chest and tells all to her friend on the phone.

Her friend gives her the hint, how she can make him quiet with placing her ass right on his face.

So she moves foreward until his face is under her skirt and he has to smell her divine odor of her pantyhose.... a very effective way!

He has no chance under her skirt, she rides his struggeling easy out. The only thing he can do is...


Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins!

04.05.2019 Julia-Eva 8:29 Minuten Face Sitting, Femdom
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 1
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 2
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 3
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 4
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 5
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 6
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 7
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 8
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 9
Julia-Eva, adore my new leggins! 10

Julia-Eva has new, very colorfull, leggins and she presents them to her slave for a very close view ;-)

She steps over him, drops down heavy on his chest and moves backwards to his throat.

After some riding his winpipe, she moves finally on his face, now he gets a very close look of her new leggins.

She also turns around, sitts foreward on his throat, clamps his head between her strong and fleshy legs.... and the again on the face for more breathless moments.

Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1

02.05.2019 Six-of-Nine 5:48 Minuten Face Sitting, Femdom
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 1
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 2
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 3
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 4
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 5
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 6
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 7
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 8
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 9
Six-of-nine's Ass-imilation 1 10

Six-of-nine is the sister of startreck's Seven-of-nine, she assimilate's her victim with her ass, means she places her ass right on his face, may be she's eating it.

First she jumps on his body, does some butt-drops for weakening him, and moves then on his face.

She takes his breath, by closing his nose and mouth with her robot-hands.

Then she turns around and gives him a full load of her well formed ass......

The Ass-imilation begins!!!

Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting

30.04.2019 Svetlana 6:03 Minuten Face Sitting, Femdom
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 1
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 2
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 3
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 4
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 5
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 6
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 7
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 8
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 9
Svetlana, Nursy's Facesitting 10

Nurse Svetlana does now the ultimate breath-reduction-therapy....... with FACESITTING!!!!

This is the best way to take her victims breath.

In change with some hand over mouth and chest-sitting-riding, she sits a lot of the time on his face.

Schlagworte: hom, smother
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 1
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 2
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 3
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 4
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 5
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 6
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 7
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 8
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 9
Kim & Jennifer, The slave-crushing-game 10

The two friends Kim and Jennifer are having fun with crushing their slave und the jeans-asses.

The sit on his face and body, bounce and jump on him, flatten him with some buttdrops and a little trampling.

They do also some double weight facesitting with one is sitting on the lap of the other.

The last clip of this serie with the two crazy girls on a crazy slave.

(with english spoken dialogues)