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Katarina's handycap-wrestling and victory-facesitting

December 20, 2016 − Katharina

10:31 minutes

re-edited clip from DVD:

Katarina dominates her slave with bodysitting, kneeling, little wrestling and, offcoarse, facesitting....


After winning the one-sided wrestling-match, Katarina begins to punish her slave with her ass. First she sits on his chest and jumps up and down and soon she moves foreward and drops her ass hard on his face.



Daliah: the trap of the metal-legs

December 18, 2016 − Daliah

6:47 minutes

Daliah plays with her slave  scissoring. She clamps his head between her strong legs and squeezes hard. Her powerful legs look beautiful and strong in this metal-lycra leggins, and if you see the color-changing of his face you know the pressure must be immens.


Tyra's white tight Jeans Facesitting reloaded

December 15, 2016 − Tyra

5:01 minutes

Under Tyra's tight white jeans it's hard to survive, reverse facesitting and ass-shaking-face-rubbing


Janet, be my seat, while i smoke

December 13, 2016

8:30 minutes

Janet meets her slave liing lazy on the sofa, she want to make a break, so she takes a comfortable seat on him. First she sits on his chest, but soon she moves on his face and lights on a cigarette.



Anabela's rubber-ass for the happy face

December 11, 2016 − Anabela

9:16 minutes

Anabela uses the slave's face for sitting, this time she wears a rubber-dress which seals perfectly his air-supply. She sits in different ways on his face, mostly with all her weight. Rubber isn't so soft, how it looks, especially this tight dress; so he gets seriously crushed und the rubber-ass.


Jill Diamond beats the loser. part2

December 08, 2016 − Jill Diamond

10:33 minutes

the martyrium (from part 1) goes on:

Jill Diamond meets her slave, lying lazy around. She's angry about it and jumps on him to punish him. He wrestles a little against, but he has no chance under her. She does knee jumps on him, slaps his face, sits on his face, take his airsupply with hands over mouth, squeezes his throat and to the end she tramples and jumps on him. A hard beating for the loser.


Fetisha, pink-panther-sitting

December 06, 2016 − Fetisha

16:36 minutes

Re-edited clip:

Fetisha wears a pink zentai dress, she looks great, specialy her round ass. She dominates her slave on the bed, mainly with mercyless facesitting.

A must for lycra-facesitting fans!



Linda's first faceesitting in jeans

December 04, 2016 − Linda Cox

6:30 minutes

Linda Cox is a very differen sister of Carrie Cox. She's tall like her, but 35 kg's lighter than her, yes. she's a little bit bony.

She sits the first time on a slaves face, in blue jeans. She saw, how her much heavier sister did this, so she thinks she can do every thing on him because less weight. She sits reverse and sideward on his face, bounces and jumps up and down, the landing impacts are hard with her bony ass in the hard jeans.


Lady Zeraphin's Facesitting-Training

December 01, 2016 − Zeraphin

6:17 minutes

Zeraphin want to train her slave, he tries to resist, but not for long time.

She wrestles him down, sqeezes his neck with sitting on it and the last resisting, she answers with a hop on his face, now he's quiet.

Later she changes the direction and sits, after binding his hands, reverse on his face, first in shoolgirpin-position, then fullweight with the legs streched out over his body.

Lady zeraphin knows how to train and break her slave.


Yvette Costeau, Facesitting in thongs

November 29, 2016 − Yvette Costeau

5:10 minutes

Yvette Costeau looks very sexy in her thongs, especially her ass. What is better than to sit on a face in it? She sits reverse on his face and places his nose proper between her cheeks deep in her ass-crack. Deep inhale and enjoy ;-)