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Anastasia, my Ass comes over your face & full flawor facesitting

January 12, 2017 − Anastasia

11:21 minutes

2 re-edited and combined clips of Anastasia:

my Ass comes over your face 

The slave lies bound on the little bench, and looks to Anastasias ass, slowly decending on his face. After some minutes comfortable reverse and fullweight sitting, she turns around, facing him, taking her undies away and order him to strech his tongue out. Now she has a tongue for her to sit... with his tongue deep in her pussy. One more of Anastasias erotic facesitting-games.



full flawor facesitting 

Anastasia enjoys sitting nude on her slave's. She grinds her ass-crsk deep on his face and covers the nose with her pussy..... nose goes inside



Tyra, Facesitting after wrestling

January 10, 2017 − Tyra

6:54 minutes

After the wrestling it's time for Tyra to make a break....

on her victims face...

it's the best place or not?


Zeraphin and Stefanie, double facesitting

January 09, 2017 − Stefanie, Zeraphin

7:20 minutes

forgot to activate last week, sorry

Zeraphin and Stefanie, both wearing tight blue-jeans, are sitting together on the slave, everytime one of them sits on the face



Miss July: Happy slave feeding under pressure

January 08, 2017 − Miss July

9:33 minutes

Miss July has a hungry slave and shows much mercy and decides to feeds him with chocolate pieces. He is on the floor, slowly she decends on his chest and teases him with the view on he chocolate. She clamps his head between her legs and begins to shove cakes in him. He has to chew under preessure, while she sits on his throat in a high schoolgirlpin and squeezes his head and face. Then he wants to swallow... Miss July helps him with more pressure on his throat....

This makes thursty? off coarse... a sip of water? but swallowing under pressure nearly impossible... so the feeding chaos fun can go on.


Moira, Sexy String-Facesitting

January 03, 2017 − Moira

5:06 minutes

Moira binds her slave and comes with sexy dancing moves over his face and sits down. She moves her nice ass on the face and grinds her asscrack over his nose.



Isabella: a saddle for the jeans-lady

January 01, 2017 − Isabella

6:15 minutes

Isabella is dressed in jeans-hotpants and overknee boots.

Her slave is on the bench, right for to be used as a saddle.

Isabella steps over him and after some ass-shaking for teasing, she plops down and mounts his face like a horse.

She sits in several positions on his face, trying out, what pose is the best for stealing his oxyygen-supply.


Ride the burglar, German wrestling cont.

December 29, 2016

17:24 minutes

The continuation of german wrestling 136 (Jeans).

Watch, how the crazy girl punishes her burglar victim after shee loses the blue-jeans.


Yvette Costeau, PVC-facesitting and -riding

December 27, 2016 − Yvette Costeau

10:09 minutes

Re-edited old clip:

Yvette wears PVC trousers and sits on her slave's face. The slave is on a high bench, so Yvette can sit on him like on a saddle, all her weight pressing on his face.

In the first part, she sits foreward, then she turns around and sits reverse. Her round ass in plastic seals the air-supply properly.



Katrin: you are the seat for the golden angel

December 25, 2016 − Katrin

9:19 minutes

Katrin looks like an angel in her golden llycra dress... WOW.... and she needs a seat.... and finds a happy slave;-)

She orders him to the bench, binds his hands, now he is her seat-cushion.

Sitting on his face and body, like on a horse with all her weight, he must endure long breathless periods under her big, round ass.


Kitty's ass fullweight on the face

December 22, 2016 − Kitty Core

6:00 minutes

Kitty Core punishes her slave under her ass. She mounts him like a horse, first she bends his head back and uses his throat as her saddle, she grinds her ass for beeing sure that she pounds him with most possible power, soon she moves back and throws her ass heavy on his face, still with ass-grinding... so his nose goes deeper in her crack ;-)
Occasionally she turns around for sitting foreward, eating his face with her pussy......