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Miss July: Kneedrops, muscleriding and a smashed face

February 04, 2017 − Miss July

4:26 minutes

How to destroy a slave in 4 minutes? No probllem, ask Miss July!

She jumps on her slave, lands with her knees on his chest.... bones vs. bones..... yes, it hurts!

She clamps his head between her strong legs, only as a break, the she continues with jumping, kneeling...

Turning around, now it's her ass, what hammers his face down.



Jill Diamond, are you ready? my cushion?

February 02, 2017 − Jill Diamond

5:21 minutes

Jill has her slave liing in front of her qand ask him "are youready to serve me as my cushion", immediatly she sits on his face without waiting for an answer. She hops up and down, changes position, tickle him while he runs out of air. A nice jill Diamond domination facesitting clip.



Renate's bouncing jeans-ass

January 31, 2017 − Renate

9:15 minutes

Watch this ass!! Perfectly round shape and the tigh blue-jeans makes the form even better.... right for sitting on a happy face!
Renate mounts her slave's chest like a horse and moves with ass-shaking-dancing, until she has his face under her ass and crotch....... still shaking.... then she turns around and shows how her dancing ass is riding and eating a face!



Yvette & Adriana: intro into facebouncing

January 28, 2017 − Adriana, Yvette Costeau

6:53 minutes

For the session Yvette brought her friend and newcomer Adriana for joining her.

She shows her how to drop down on her slave's body and face, Adriana learns quick and drops her ass down, bounces and rides his chest.

The Yvette moves on his face and they both continue with riding and bouncing. They switch places, so he has the pleasure to endure breathless moments under both asses.


Lady Anastasia, the facesitting-stool 1

January 25, 2017 − Anastasia

5:54 minutes

Lady Anastasia sits on her slave's face in a special facesittingstool. Like ever, she teases him before she settles down on his nose.

She sits mainly foreward, testing the new chair, she also turns around, let his nose go deep in her asscrack....



Fetisha's Poolgames, Part 2

January 24, 2017 − Fetisha

8:48 minutes

Right for the cold season a re-editted clip from spain.

Fetisha domnates her slave in the swimming pool. He lies on a "Island" and Fetisha sits on his face and takes his air.
Part 2 with more than 8 minutes reverse Facesitting



Isabella's Lycra-ass-domination ---stripes forever---

January 21, 2017 − Isabella

6:21 minutes

Isabella's ass looks stunning in the striped lycra leggins.

She binds her slave's hands on his back, kneels on his chest and decends her round ass on his face..... enjoy it!!!

But the stupid slave tries to resist... no chance und her fleshy ass or between her soft strong legs, so he gets sat on with all her weight in several positions.


Alexia Facesitting Collection 3

January 19, 2017 − Doñia Alexia

14:09 minutes

re-edited from the DVD "Alexia Facesitting Collection"

part 3.

Alexia, now in black fishnet-thongs, continues with facesitting. (14:12 min)


Yvette Costeau, feel my hard blue-jeans

January 17, 2017 − Yvette Costeau

10:44 minutes

Yvette is wearing her bluejeans, they are tight and for it very hard for sitting on a face. Anyway, Yvette sits reverse and forewaard on the face of her slave and crushes them good, especially his nose, it get really flat.



Daliah: How long? Breath-hold-training!

January 15, 2017 − Daliah

6:25 minutes

Daliah enter the room with her slave, who is on all 4s. She chains his hands at the bench, so he cannot move and is ready for the breath-hold-test. She sits in several positions on his face, mesuring the time, he can be without air-supply. No it isn't perfecct! he needs a lot of breath-hold-training.... under her ass ;-)