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Verena, my big jeansass flattens your face

February 28, 2017 − Verena

9:38 minutes

Big Verena wears tight bluejeans, wich make her big ass looking bigger;-) 

She sits in schoolgirlpin position on her slaves face. In this way she has the most controll over him when he struggles.... means: HE HAS NO CHANCE!!!!

Then she turns around and sits reverse in schoolgirlposition on his face and crushes it into a pulp, her enormous weight and the hard jeans are doing a good job.



Yvette & Adriana: enjoy our double weight on your face...

February 26, 2017 − Adriana, Yvette Costeau

7:42 minutes

Maybe, it's the last pleasure ;-)

Yvette showsin he beginning, how hard and heavy it will be, She decends on his stomach with her knees and gives him the first touch of her weight, knees are bony and can be very hard., The she let adriana do the same, while she sits on his face... 

But soon she let sit her friend on her lap, so his face must endure their doouble weight. Such an immense weight on the face could cause a plop of his skull or not?.... Anyway, he survived luckyly


Darkwing Zero Super-woman facesit

February 23, 2017 − Darkwing Zero

5:32 minutes

Darkwing wears a superman/woman t-shirt and is in mood for playing with her slave. He lays lazy around (like ever) and Darkwing sits down in schoolgirlpin on his chest, moving quickly on his throat, squeezing his head betqeen her massive thighs, because he seems to enjoy this, she moves on his face and teaches him a breathless smother lesson.


Arielle, the little BBW flattens the face

February 21, 2017 − Arielle

10:35 minutes

Arielle does some heavy facesitting, wearing white tight jeans, under verbal instruction of the camera-lady Pamela (swiss-german).

She crushes the face of her slave under her hard, white jeans-ass and her enormous weight with fullweight-sitting, legs and feet off the ground.



Katrin the facesit-bouncer

February 18, 2017 − Katrin

10:11 minutes

The slave is on a thick mat, like on a trampoline. She steps over him and decends slowly down on his face, sitting like on a like a horse.

She begins with slow and soft bouncers up and down, the she increases the high of the bounces... The impacts on his face are much more heavier, 

Sometimes she moves on his chest, but jumps higher and lands with harder impacts and typical impact noise when the air blows out under the impact-hits. Nasty noise?... so move back again on the face... no more noise;-)


Jill Diamond & Lady AlexXandra, Swinging on the slave 2, 24 min. short-movie / WMV-SD

February 16, 2017 − Jill Diamond, Lady AlexXandra

24:40 minutes

Re-edited short-movie 

Jill Diamond binds her slave on a board, wich is hanging on a manually driven crane. In the beginnig she swings the board with the slave alone, then she orders him to drive the cran down,  so that she can climb on him easely, soon she's on him, sitting on his face, he must move the crane up, her feet lift from the ground and she sits really fullweight and begins to swing. After some minutes of swinging Lady Alexxandra joins the scene for making fotos and offcoarse for playing too. So the action increases, they both sit on the slave, Jill with her beautiful leather-ass mostly on his face and Lady Alexxandra on his body, they swing and laugh and he suffers under the double weight. There are also some short trampling actions but most of the movie contains face- and bodysitting.

WMV-SD (near DVD-quality)



Chrissy, Fullweight-sitting on a happy face

February 14, 2017 − Chrissy

4:15 minutes

The slave lies on a high bench and Chrissy klimbs on him and sits foreward on his face, the bench is so high, that her feet rarely touch the ground.....


Then she takes his breath, wihile sitting on his throat, with her hands (HOM). To the end she changes to reverse position and digs his face deep in her ass.



Anabela's jeans-ass vs. a flattened face

February 11, 2017 − Anabela

5:50 minutes

Anabela wears tigh jeans and sits in various ways, mostly fullweight, on her slave's face.

She changes position, seeking the most comfortable place for her... or the most painfull for him ;-)

Some classical backgorundmusig helps to make this to a celebration of face-flattening.


Lena facesits the gardener

February 09, 2017

8:13 minutes

Lena dominates and punishes her slave with sitting on his face and taking his breath. First she sits foraward on his face, presses her pussy and ass mercyless on his nose and don't let him breath. Then she changes to reverse position, sits fullweight on his throad and slit back on his face, shakes her ass for grinding his nose deep in her ass.


Madame Juliette, more Facesitting on the bench (reloaded)

February 06, 2017

10:04 minutes

Collection with 2 reloaded clips:

Juliette manicure-facesitting

Juliette in white lingerie and a golden corsett, sits on the slave's face while making her nails


Madame Juliette, more Facesitting on the bench

The bench has the right high for Juliette to sit comfortable on her slaves face. She begins with reverse sitting and some tickling and scraching, then it's time for fullweight foreward smothering.