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Lady Talina's Vakuumbed Facesitting

March 23, 2017 − Lady Talina

6:26 minutes

Lady Talina has a new idea, how to play with her slave's oxygen supply. She put him in a rubbermade vakuumbed, it seals him completely from the air, there is only one little hole for breath. Then she evacuate the hole bag with the slave inside, you can see how the rubber presses on his body..... but not enough, she can cut off his last airsupply, the little hole, with sitting on it. 


Moira, your nose in my ass

March 21, 2017 − Moira

4:56 minutes

Moira wears a very little sexy string-tanga and sits reverse on her slaves face, presses her pussy on his nose and buries the whole face in her ass.



Julia-Eva: don't resist your riding-lady!

March 18, 2017 − Julia-Eva

6:44 minutes

Julia-Eva, in nice rider outfit with boots and jodphurs, kneels on her slave's arms and holds him down with a schoolgirlpin (SGP).

He tries to resist, buckels like a rodeo-horse, but she rides this out, he's to weak or she's to heavy for him.

Soon he's moving less and she can move foreward, strech her legs and sit foullweight on his throat, squeezing his face to a pulp.

Then she cuts off air-supply with her breasts,or she countinues with rodeo-style riding.



Fetisha, Tiger-Jeans-Facesitting

March 16, 2017 − Fetisha

6:39 minutes

Fetisha looks stunning in her Tiger-Jeans, especially her ass. 

Under verbal instruction of the camera-operatrice, she punishes her slave with hard facesitting, fullweight, bouncing and dropping and.... without mercy. 

Again a typical Fetisha-Facesitting-Martyrium



Jill Diamond, Swing on the slave, Part 1

March 14, 2017 − Jill Diamond

5:34 minutes

Re-edited clips from DVD

In the first part of this movie, Jill Diamond dominats her slave alone.

Because there is no cushion on the bench, she orders him to lie on the swinging bench instead of the cushion for more comfortable sitting for her.

Once on top of him she (ab)uses him with facesitting, bodysitting, trampling and spitting.

Mainly she sits in different ways on his face.



Rosie, the metal-lady and her seat

March 11, 2017 − Rosie / Busty-Teen

5:43 minutes

Rosie uses her slave on the high bench as her saddle, while she reads a magazin.

The bench is high, she can sit like on a horse, sometimes she lifts her feet off the ground and sits with al her weigh on his face.

Becaause he struggles when he runs out of air, she changes her place, sits sideward and foreward, only for change again to reverrse.

Sitting like on a horse is the best for applieing most possible weight (and pain)



Jenny's Jeans crushes a face

March 09, 2017 − Jenny

5:10 minutes

Jenny sits foreward on her slaves face and rub her jeansass over it. sometimes she changes position and sits on his chest or neck, but everytime fullweight.


Doñia Alexia's Facesitting Collection part 4

March 07, 2017 − Doñia Alexia

14:51 minutes

re-edited clip from the DVD "Doñia Alexia's Facesitting Collection"

Alexia makes a relaxing-break on her slave, he lies in a beach-chair and she sits on him, smokes a cigarette and reads a book.



Dalia, the taste of my bottom

March 04, 2017 − Daliah

6:43 minutes

Daliah dominate her slave with facesitting, wearing shiny hose. She sits foreward, sideward and reverse on his face, crushing his nose under the green shiny ass. Sometimes she cuts his airsupply with hands over mouth and nose or with her boot pressing his nose flat, the she sits again on the poor face.


Anastasia's nude ass on a happy face

March 02, 2017 − Anastasia

3:52 minutes

Anastasia sits reverse on her slave's face and presses his nose deep in her ass-crack, then she turns around, sits foreward and her pussy eats his nose....