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Tyra Slave-riding and -bouncing

November 23, 2014 − Tyra

6:27 minutes

The slave on the bouncing-bench, ready for some squashing and body-bouncing fun! Tyra steps over him, teasing him with the view of her shaking ass, soon dropping on his chest. She rides and bounces on his body, which causes answers from him lick Uff-Uff-Uff! So she moves a little back first on his throat and finally on his face...... Then she does a teasing-game with her feet on his face and his mouth, still sitting reverse on his chest.



Isabella: first my feet, then my ass!

November 20, 2014

6:39 minutes

In the beginning, Isabella kneels reverse over her slaves chest and puts her feet right on his nose for intens smelling. He can watch to the fantastic round ass, but he must smell her feet. Then she moves back and gives him a full load of her ass. The game is now: No-air or Ass-air....



Renate, throat and chest-sitting

November 17, 2014 − Renate

6:28 minutes

Renate sits on her slave's throat, first reverse, bending his head back, so she can apply the most pressure on his exposed throat. Enough of hearing the gasping noise under her, she moves on his chest and belly, using his face as her footstool.



Rosie: I smoke and you gasp!

November 14, 2014 − Rosie / Busty-Teen

5:03 minutes

Rosie enters the room and sits down on her slave. She sits mostly with all her weight on his throat, her slave has a strong job to get enough air thrue his hi-pounded windpipe. She encendes and enjoys a cigarette without taking notice of his suffering and gasping! Sometimes she blows the smoke directly in his nose and causes some cough, which lets her bounce and ride on the crushed throat.



Yvette Costeau, happy time in my ass

November 11, 2014 − Yvette Costeau

5:49 minutes

Yvette in mini-skirt means very small, nearly not covering her round ass. She take place on her slave, first she drops down reverse on the poor (or happy) face and her asscrack eats the nose. Then she turns around and play her hide-and-show-game with his nose.... mostly hide for sure!



Isabella, my golden ass for you

November 08, 2014 − Isabella

6:30 minutes

Isabella in golden lycra... WOW what assss...... The slave is ready, face up, for receiving the first load of a golden ass. Hs face gets burriedd deeep in her ass, while she shakes and bounces for driving it deeper in her ass-crack. He moans a lot because lack of air, but on the other side, he has on of the most beautiful ass on his face..... enjoy it, take it like a hero!



Daliah:, How's the air downunder?

November 05, 2014 − Daliah

7:12 minutes

Daliah sits with a reverse School-Girl-Pin (SGP) on her slave's face and has the total controll over his air-suply!?! Nearly! If the lack of oxygene is to big, he begins to struggle.... Daliah rides this mostly out; if he gets free for a sip of breath, Daliah immediatly jumps again with her ass back on his face.


Anabela: fight for your breath! part2 reverse facesitting

November 02, 2014 − Anabela

3:31 minutes

Anabela wanna have some fun-play with her slave. She drops down on his chest, he tries to get out from her school-girl-pin, but no way, she's to strong and heavy for him, she rides his effortless struggling easy out and begins some smothering games: take his airsupply with her metal-lycra-ass or with here hands over his mouth (HOM)... she likes his struggeling, when he runs out of air.



Barbarella: broken Jeans > broken Nose

October 30, 2014 − Barbarella

6:21 minutes

The clip starts from the floor under Barbarella (POV). She wears a pair of bue-jeans which looks very broken... like she's is a tough girl. She steps over the slave's face, descends slowly and burries his face deep in her jeans-ass. He is on a gymnastic ball, not very stable, but she rides his shakings easy out....



Yvette Costeau, under my skirt is in my ass

October 27, 2014 − Yvette Costeau

5:21 minutes

Her slave is on the high bench, when Yvette enters the scene. After some teasing, she steps over him, lifts her skirt for giving him a look to what he's expecting....
her Ass!
So she descends her ass right on his face, mounting him like a horse.......
Alll weight on his face!.... Yvette-style ;-)