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Darkwing Zero, Wrestling & Facesitting-punishment, Part 3 & 4

April 13, 2017 − Darkwing Zero

10:11 minutes

re-edited clip from the DVD:

More wrestling-fun with Darkwing Zero, she animates him for get free..... 

only for her fun, she might love his unefficients efforts and rides the out. 

To strong, to heavy for him! She won definitvely her wrestling-game with her slave, 

it's time for some puinishment. 

First she holds him down with a high schoolgirlpin and tickles him, 

then she turns around for a serious reverse facesitting.



Jill Diamond & Sue-X-ess, Double Sitting & Domination Fun

April 11, 2017 − Jill Diamond, Sue-X-ess

5:36 minutes

Jill Diamond and Sue-X-ess torture their slave with hard nylon-facesitting and facebouncing. 

Beneath hard facesitting and facebouncing they humilate the victim with spitting, slapping, kneeling, smoking.... 

and... and the whole palette of funny things, what two dominant women like to do.

Double fun and double pain




Carrie Cox, faceriding in jeans

April 08, 2017 − Carrie Cox

5:48 minutes

The naked slave has his head, with face up, on a gymnastic ball.

Carrie sits on the face and immediatly she begins slightly to bounce up and down.

Her weight increases with very bouncer, so it gets a good crush under the hard blue-jeans.

Sometimes she turns around and rides the poor face now reverse.


Anabela trains her saddle-slave

April 06, 2017 − Anabela

8:07 minutes

The slave is ready on the high bench, when Anabela enters the scene, immediatly she mounts his face like a horse and binds his hands. Now he is helpless and ready to receive his daily riding-lesson. After a little resisting and gasping for air he gets smothered under Anabela's lycra ass with all her weight..... Yeah, a saddle has to learn, how to survive under Anabela's ass without air-supply.


Yvette Costeau, fullweight Facesitting on the bench

April 04, 2017 − Yvette Costeau

10:45 minutes

The slave is lying on the high bench, ready to be the seat for Yvette. 

So she sits foreward on his face, mostly with all her weight, because the bench is so high,

that her feet nearly don't reach the floor, means they are mostly in the air and the hole weight is pressing on his face.

Then she turns around and sits reverse, his nose deep in her ass-crack!



Miss July: A rude awakening.

April 01, 2017 − Miss July

6:28 minutes

The slave is relaxing and lies lazy around.

Then Miss July enters the scene, with a jump and kneedrop on him, he's fighting back, but MissJuly is very sporty and strong.

Painfull scissorholds, buttdrops with landing on his head and face, some kicks and foot fight to the end.

Nice to see how a weak man gets playfully beaten from a sporty girl.



Chrissy: happy-fleshy facebounce & HOM

March 30, 2017 − Chrissy

5:01 minutes

Chrissy does some high facebouncing on her slave. The landings are heavy but her ass is so soft, optimal for digging the face deep in her flesh.... nice treatement! And for punishment, some hands-over-mouth (HOM), cutting his air supply... 


Benita: (No)Wellness for your face

March 28, 2017 − Benita

7:03 minutes

Member wish:

Benita orders her slave with several kicks, slaps and shouting, on the facesitting-torture-bench and sits down, driving his poor face deep in her big leo-ass.

She does it in her unique style, consequent and a little hard, definitively no wellness-holiday for the por slave and his face.



Katrin: say "Hello" to my ass

March 25, 2017 − Katrin

11:02 minutes

The slave is on a bench, Katrin enters the scene, says "Hello" and immediatly, without waiting an answer she sits down on his face....

No air-supply > No answer ;-)

She plays with him a breath-control-game, he must train to be without oxgen and heavy load on his face.

She changes positions, and sometmes she gives him a break, when she moves on his chest or throat...

A breathing-break with 160 lbs on the windpipe... not realy easy to breath, but fun for sit on a gasping pice of furniture ;-)


Lady Talina's Underwater-domination-games

March 24, 2017 − Lady Talina

4:05 minutes

Playfull domination action at the beach of lago maggiore (north-italy). First Talina sits on the face of one slave, who is lying at the edge of the water.

Then she orders her two slave in deeper water and tramples on both faces under the water.