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Kim & Lisa, Slave-destruction with asses

December 21, 2014 − Kim, Lisa

7:26 minutes

The camera follows Kim and Lisa, when they vent upstairs to their slave; Nice view of their asses;-)<br>Once on the slave, they have fun with hurting and smothering him. Most time he has to endure Kim's or Lisa's ass in his face, sometimes they sit together for some double-weight face-flattening. They give him some breaks for breath, but only for hurting him with double chestsitting, kneeling and light trampling. Most of the cilp he has at least on girl on his face!! <br>


Lady Francy, Feel my Weight, reloaded / Part1

December 21, 2014 − Francy

7:29 minutes

Lady Francy is a large Woman, but this is the reason for slave Nase to visit her. Her 100 kg (220lbs) are very good diveded, mostly of them is in her really huge ass. She crushes slave Maso-Naso mercyless under her weight, she sits on his belly, chest and mostly on his face, and everytime she's looking, that her whole weight is crushing him.

Part 1, if more interests i can upload more


Katrin's ponyplay and facesitting in jodpurs

December 20, 2014 − Katrin

79 images

Katrin is ready for a ride, her ass looks stunning in the riding-pants. After some pony-play, her save is exhausted and cannot carry her more time, so she uses his face for finishing her ride



Rosie's School-Girl-Pin-Rodeo

December 14, 2014 − Rosie / Busty-Teen

6:56 minutes

Rosie sits on her slave in a Schoolgirlpin and holds him down with her weight. He tries to throw her off, buckles a lot, But Rosie rides it easy out like she's on a rodeo-horse until he runs out of power and air.



Barbarella's play-fight fun

December 08, 2014 − Barbarella

15:43 minutes

Playful fighting between Barbarella and her slave. First she "knock" him to the floor, kneels and sits on him, holds him down with using her weight and ass... and hittting, boxing, slapping and so on with the boxing-gloves.... more ass-attacks to his face, crushing it nice under her jeans-bottom..... finally, he's totally exhausted, ready to receive the most painful part of punishment.... Trampling and jumping on his body and especially stepping and trampling his face ---with shoes---



6 of 9: The last audience

December 05, 2014 − Yvette Costeau

6:53 minutes

Six of nine, the sister of startrecks seven of nine, dominates her slave a last time with body-pounding and facesitting. She climbs on him kneels on his chest, letting him feel, what weight is coming, then she places her lycra-ass right on his face. In the second half, she begins with demask and removing her zentai-dress, still sitting on him like he's a piece of furniture.


Ivana's metal-lycra facesitting

December 03, 2014 − Ivana

63 images

Ivana looks stunning in her metallic lycra leggins, especially her ass. Some point of view pictures show you the slave's view, when she's above you, and many facesitting-pics show, how her ass squeezes and crushes the happy face under her



Isabella, you are my human ashtray!

December 02, 2014 − Isabella

6:16 minutes

Isabella (ab)uses her slave, for what he is made for. Now she does a smoking breaak aand for this she needs an ashtray..... off coarse heer slave! She takes place on his throat like she woould sit on a horse, and enjoys her cigaarette. When she needs a place for the ash, she uses the mouth of her slave, he's gasping for it... or may be because her weight on his throat;-)



Kim's Breath-holding-test

November 29, 2014 − Kim

8:18 minutes

Kim want to know, how long her slave can be without air... So she takes a stop-watch and places her magnifient ass on her slave. Watch this ass! I would forget the breathing, if i would be under this ass.



Miss July: Gym-ball Ass-face-dance

November 26, 2014 − Miss July

5:39 minutes

The slave's head is, face up, on the gymball, ready for some nice games. Miss July sits carefully down on the exposed face, her seat is very shaky, she has to help for balance; but soon she feels saver and begins to bounce up and down..... flattend but happy face!