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Tyra: green jeans > blue nose ;-)

February 01, 2015 − Tyra

6:45 minutes

Imagine: Tyra, our tall beauty, stands over you, a short smart laughing, then she descends slowly her nice ass, It comes closer, yes it's seems to be big, then she touches your nose..... descends more.... the pressure on your nose gets bigger .. and bigger... cutting off your air-supply... and crushing your face under her tight, round but hard jeans-ass...

Pain! but it's a great feeling!


Katrin's facesitting in lycra and hotpants

January 29, 2015 − Katrin

66 images

Hi-res picture-set of Katrin doing on her young slave various facesitting-positions.



Miss July, your place is under my skirt!

January 28, 2015 − Miss July

7:22 minutes

Miss July trains her cushion-slave on the sofa. She takes him first foreward under her skirt and imediatly she begins to bounce on his face, he makes som curious noises mmpf and so on. She changes to reverse position, letting drop her ass hard on his face and the bouncing goes on.... and also his groaning and moaning. This needs to be punished with more pain, she stich her heels in his bellyflesh and to the eend he must eat her stinky socks, off coarse while she sits on his face!



Kim & Meggie have fun on the slave.

January 25, 2015 − Kim, Meggie

4:31 minutes

Meggie is sitting on their slave's throat, when Kim enters the scene. She sits immediatly on Meggies lap... he must now endure their double weight on his throat. The two crazy girl bounce and rub over his face and throat until he the gets exhausted, no surprise with more than 220lbs on the throat and Kims round ass unreachable one inch over the face. They both have a lot of fun... and he tries to survive ;-) In the second half,  Kim turns around and  sits now foreward om his face and grinds her pussy on his nose.<br>some "english" dialogs.<



Jill Diamond, a breathless morning-wakeup

January 22, 2015 − Jill Diamond

8:09 minutes

Jill Diamond enters the room and meets her slave laying on the bench. She binds his hands and when he wakes up he gets a big surprise. His hands are seriously chained on the bench so he's totally helpless to that what Jill dishes out. She sits immediatly on his face, her puss closes his nose, so it's impossible to breath. Now it's time for e typical JillDiamond breath-play... better called
means, intensive fullweight facesitting, reverse and foreward, and some hand over mouth smothering (HOM), mercyless, like Jill Diamond is.


Emily's heavy jeans-ass

January 20, 2015 − Emily

46 images

Emilly tortures her slave under her jeans-ass with alll her weight.... poor face gets seriously crushed!



Isabella's fighting-game in metal-lycra

January 17, 2015 − Isabella

11:28 minutes

Isabella's ass looks stunning in such metal-lycra-leggins, who wont be under her? Her slave definitvely must be enjoying her fighting game. She's everytime on top of him, sometimes he must eat her feet.... or her big, round ass.


Seraphina, Jeans-facesitting 3

January 14, 2015

7:17 minutes

Re-edited clip from the DVD "the used forest-worker" Seraphina continues with flattening the face of the "forest-worker" under her sexy jeans-ass.


Dalia's facesitting in lingerie

January 12, 2015 − Daliah

100 images

Picture-set of Daliah, showing how she hides a poor face in her ass and crotch.



Katrin and her human punching-ball

January 09, 2015 − Katrin

6:45 minutes

Katrin uses her slave for improve her boxing-skills , but her slave is impudent and tries to defend and fight back, This isn't Katrin's way, she shoves him to the grounnd and, once on top, he gets his lesson. Kneeling on his chest or sitting on his face and everytime hitting him with her boxing-gloves. A little more than only play-fight! Katrin wants to win........