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Francy heavy-weight slave-pounding

February 25, 2015 − Francy

6:05 minutes

This time has Francy her slave on a high bench, she can mount him like a saddle of a horse and he has to take her fulll weight for reale. She loves when she hear his gasping for air, while she rides his chest, throat and face under her big ass. Re-edited part from the DVD "feel her weight"



Jane dominates Kartin

February 23, 2015 − Jane, Katrin

33 images

Picture-set showing rare moments, when little Jane has Katrin unnder her for to be dominated, sat on and smothered



Tyra throat- and facecrushing

February 21, 2015 − Tyra

5:10 minutes

Tyra sits reverse on the throat of her slave, she leans back for applying most possible weight on his windpipe, she is 6 ft tall and about 150 lbs, means the windpipe gets crushed easely under her. After some breathless monents she shows mercy, moves a little foreward on his chest aand beginns to bounce, so his aair is pressed out of his loungs. Then she moves back on his face and enjoys the face in her ass


Miss Nia, sweet-girl jeansfacesitting

February 18, 2015 − Miss Nia

4:52 minutes

Miss Nia encounters her slave on a bench, waiting to be sat on ;-)
She sits reverse on his body, fixes his hands, and moves slowly back ..... once she's sitting on his face, she gently begins to gyrate her hips and gives him a massage under her little knacky ass...... take a deep breath and enjoy!!!!



Isabella: you must hold my weight or...

February 15, 2015 − Isabella

6:16 minutes

Isabella want to test and train her flabby young slave. He must make a reverse bridge, even alone it's not easy for him, then she sits on him and looks how long he can hold her.... it isn't very long, he gets soon exhausted and sinks to the ground. Once on the ground, Isabella moves on his face and teaches him a full-weight facesitting-lesson.


Miss LadyShot: metal-facesitting and nun-domination

February 12, 2015 − Miss Ladyshot

52 images

Picture-set of Miss LadyShot clothed like a nun and her slave must adore her ass and gets sat on. And 2nd pictureset she wears metal-lycra, looks like liquid metal ass is sitting and smothering her happy slave.



Lady Savanna, Faceriding on the bench

February 10, 2015 − Lady Savanna

6:57 minutes

Lady Savanna, new in the team, has a really big ass, right for facesitting. She wears a rubber-dress, the slave lies on a high bench, so she can sit in horsy-style fullweight on his face. Nice breathtaking heavyweight facesitting with 90kg/200lbs.



Yvette the snake-girl and her ass

February 08, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

5:08 minutes

Yvette looks stunning in her snake-leggins, especialla her ass! After some teasing wit her cold foot on his chest and a surprising buttdrop, she moves on his face and with some smeil she begins to bounce on it. She sstreches her legs for sitting fullweight turns around his facee gets again lost in her ass.... fullweigh andd bouncing, she's so a cute facesitter!


Natalie, suffer under glitter

February 06, 2015 − Nathalie

8:08 minutes

Natalie wears a shiny dress and sits foreward on her slaves throat and smokes a cigarette. She sits without care with all her weight, let him fight for air, watches how his face and nose get squeezed with pleasure. for increasing his discomfort she tickles his robs and squeezes his nipples, while she pounds his throat. Then shee moves on his face, more comfortable for her, less airsupply for him
slave's pain = Natalie's fun!


Renate's string Facesitting

February 05, 2015 − Renate

63 images

In this pic-set, Renate shows how good her round ass fits on a happy face and nose.