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Yvette Costeau, the facesitting drill-sergeant

March 22, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

6:21 minutes

Yvette in a sexy military-look, meets her stupid slave on his knees, waitinng for her, because he looks so ridicolous, she kicks him to the ground, binds his hands on his back, steps on him doing some balancing or body-surfing (his body is her surfboard), but then the main-treatement comes.... his face must endure her ass full weight. She sits in different positions on his face, careeing, that he becomes the full weight of her ass on his face.



Isabella's facesitting in red pantyhose

March 20, 2015 − Isabella

32 images

Isabella, in red pantyhose with black string, her ass looks perfect for facesitting....


Zeraphina & Stefanie, double facesitting fun

March 17, 2015 − Stefanie, Zeraphin

6:36 minutes

Zeraphin and Stefanie have fun withdomi nating the slave with facesitting, bodysitting and double-weight-facesitting



Rosie: your face is my chair

March 14, 2015 − Rosie / Busty-Teen

7:12 minutes

Rosie uses the face if her slave, while she does her daily things like hairbrush and so on. Sometimes she lifts herr legs and applies her full weight on his face.


Carmen, your place under my ass

March 11, 2015 − Carmen

5:03 minutes

Carmen has a big ass and strong tights and teaches her slave to be under her. She sits in reverse schoolgirlpin postition on his face and takes his air, later she changes to fullweight with streched legs.



MissJuly uses her human furniture

March 08, 2015 − Miss July

6:21 minutes

Miss July has her slave on a high bench for sitting more comfortable, shee uses his face as her saddle or cushion, while doing her things like hairbrush, it could be an easy job for him with Miss Julys round ass on his face, but there is no air, so he begins to struggle for air, she seems to llike it, with a smile she lets him breath, only to sit back and letting begin the game for new.


Yvette & Lena, Lack-facesitting

March 07, 2015 − Lena King, Yvette Costeau

31 images

Image gallery, showing Yvette introducing Lena in the art of facesitting, including some lesbo-actions during sitting with double weight on the poor slave


Jill Diamond & Lady AlexXandra, Bootcamp

March 03, 2015 − Jill Diamond, Lady AlexXandra

23:34 minutes

The two officers, Jill Diamond & Lady AlexXandra, meet soldier Nase liing lazy around. They are very angry so they do a military-drill with a lot of facesitting, trampling, humilation, spitting, slapping, all kind of sadistic games what they like.



Daliah's play? fight

March 01, 2015 − Daliah

8:25 minutes

After a little verbal disput, Daliah throws her slave on the mat and begins to work him over. In the beginning, he takes it easy, but soon he notices, that she's to strong to get her off and that she likes to inflict pain and can be a strict lady. She torments him with headscisssors, throat-kneeling,body- and facesittingand and so on... he has no chance and must endure what she dishes out!


Anabela, Jeans-facesitting

February 27, 2015 − Anabela

57 images

Pictures-set of Anabela, wearing well worn and tight bluejeans, sitting in various position on her slave'e face. She has him on a high bench and sits mostly in full-weiht-syle with her feet off the ground, his face gets mercyless squeezed under her hard jeans-ass!