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Lady M: happy "Bull" riding

April 18, 2015 − LadyM

3:39 minutes

Lady M wants to improve her bullriding skills, but there is no bull!?<br>She orderrs her slave on a gymnastic ball and mounts him like a bull. She bounces hard up and down, with every impact she causes a noise like uff-uff on him.... she moves up on his chest and on his throat, with higher bouncers the noise under her gets louther, she turns around and the bouncing and buttdropping goes on, even more intens. When she rides on his throat, teh huffuff noise is mixed with his gasping for air.... A throat gives a good saddle for her... and a lot of painn to him, but who cares? Then, with an other higher ball she does also her rodeo-riding on his face,


Allessia: My Ass on your face

April 15, 2015 − Allessia

24 images

Allessia in nice leo-lingerie torments her slave with her round ass. 


Nora's snake-leather-facesitting

April 13, 2015 − Nora

5:39 minutes

Nora has her slave bound, ready for some treatement. From standing over him, she shows him her ass in her snake-leather-jeans and immediatly, she drops down with an impact on his belly and moves back on his face. Nice "leather-ass-facesitting", ass-grinding and rubbing on his face follows, mostly with all her weigh.... it must be painful for him...... 
but nice for us to watch ;-)



Miss July fighting and facesitting fun

April 11, 2015 − Miss July

8:08 minutes

The slave lies lazy relaxing on the matress. Miss July enters the scene without some noise, stands over him and then.... big surprise... she sits down, her ass right on his face, what awakening!? He tries to resist and throw her off, but she's experienced enough and rides his attemps out. The more he wants to get fee, Misss July acts painfuller for him. She steps on him, does some surfing on him, takes his airsupply with several scissorholds and feet-clamps on his throat... and mainly she keeps him under her ass... this is the place he has to be!


Anabela, Lycra-facesitting

April 08, 2015 − Anabela

35 images

Anabela looks stunning in her metal-lycra-leggins, what is better than to sit on her slave's face?



Julia-Eva: Squeezing, squashing and facesitting

April 04, 2015 − Julia-Eva

6:46 minutes

Julia has her slave on a bench, with a thumb she drops with her 150lbs on his chest, moves foreward an begins to ride on his throat, you hear him gasp for air under this weight. Then she turns around and sits reverse on him, he has to endure alot under her heavy big ass: sitting fullweight on his face, squeezing his head between her powerful legs wit a scissorhold and heavy ridingmoves on his throat, letting him totally exhausted.


Katrin and her seat

April 01, 2015 − Katrin

7:21 minutes

Katrin has her lazy slave on a bench and uses his face as her seat, while she's doing her nails. She moves around for seeking the most comfortable place for her... and may be the most uncomfortable for him. She turns around and finds a good place for his nose------
In her Ass-crack!!!



Daliah's breath-hold training

March 28, 2015 − Daliah

8:40 minutes

Daliah wants to know, how long her slave can be without air. She asks him, how long he thinks he can be without air. with a stop-watch she controls the time. He is careful in such things and says only 20 seconds..... offcoarse this can do everybody.... and it's not enough for Daliah! She descend her ass quick on his face and starts the watch.... the training begins and the time must be longer for satisfieing her. She sits in different positions on his face, engulfing his nose with her ass-crack......



Barbarella, the girl in pink dominates

March 27, 2015 − Barbarella

38 images

Barbarella dominates her slave with schoolgirlpins, hands-over-moutzh-smothering and various facesittings.



Barbarella: have fun under my jeans-ass!

March 26, 2015 − Barbarella

8:00 minutes

Barbarella has fun with dominating her slave under her jeans ass.... and her slave also?
She sits on his face, squeezes it hard under her tigh jeans. Some tickling drives him crazy, he tries to throw her off, with the result, that both fall to the floor... where the action continues.