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Marina's nice sitting-punishment

May 15, 2015 − MarinaB

5:45 minutes

The slave lies lazy on the sofa and don't take any notice, when Marina enters the scene.
Marina jumps immediatly on him and starts to punish him with her nice ass.
He does some struggles for get free, but how ever, Marina with her power-ass shows him the place where he has to be..... deep inside the ass.


Daliah's blue panty facesitting

May 13, 2015 − Daliah

25 images

Daliah, in blue panyhose, invites her slave in her ass.



Miss July's knacky jeans-ass face-flattening

May 10, 2015 − Miss July

6:22 minutes

Miss July in tigh blue-jeans steps over him and descends on his face, first foreward hen reverse she lets her victim suffer under her hard jeans ass. His nose gets nice compressed to the limits, no breathing for shure. She shows some mercy, moves back on his throat and let him breath a lttle bit.... hard breathing  with 120 lbs queezing his windpipe.... Then she turns around and let her round ass speak the painfull language of facecrushing :-) 



Nora: Come in my ass!

May 08, 2015 − Nora

5:13 minutes

The slave is placed on a mat ready for receiving a lesson, when Nora enters the scene, wearing a sexy snake-leather-string, nearly nothing covers her ass. Immediatly she decends on his face and gives him a fullweight ass in the face load. She streches her legs for sitting with all her weight, his face and nose goes deep in her ass. Sometimes she lifts her ass and bends his head, so his throat is exposed and ready to get crushed under her ass (watch the pic)


Nikki's first facesitting

May 05, 2015

22 images

Newcomer Nikki, a punk-girl, sits the first time on a slave's face and finds pleasure in it.
Hi-res Gallery from 2009



Katrin: which shoe for he party? Facesitting-part

May 02, 2015 − Katrin

6:38 minutes

Katrin uses her slave as her furniture and sitting-cushion, while she watches and testes her shoe-collection for the party.... After the half of the clip, she takes place on his face (Facesitting-part), he has to endure all her weight on his face, while she has all the time to put on her stoockings and shoes and looks them from all side....

Domination in daily life pure!



Daliah: trapped and flattened,

April 29, 2015 − Daliah

6:31 minutes

Daliah has her slave, face up, trapped in the floor, ready for her sadistic desires. Helpless he must look at her ass, while it descends slowly on his face. He is complette in her mercy and must endure, what she dishes out: hard and fullweight facesitting in all directions, breathless times under her flesh......



Yvette and her relaxing-chair

April 26, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

5:08 minutes

With a smile in her face, Yvette settles down on her slave's face. Then she wants to relax and read a magazin, but the phone interupts her relaxing..... Yvette gets angry and punishes her slave under and in her ass....!


The gothic-princess' seat

April 23, 2015 − Kali

45 images

Kali's ass fits (to) good in her jeans... perfect for sitting on a happy face.


Emily, her big ass and a happy face

April 22, 2015 − Emily

4:12 minutes

Emily sits on her slaves face wearing pink leggins. It's the reward for fight and loosing the previes wrestling-match and hi thinks, it's an easy job, because her big ass in leggins is very soft, but.....she's heavy and keeps him proper down and takes his airsupply.... he has nochance to get free under this weight and he has to endoure all the little painful things like tickling. teasing and facebouncing