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Anabela: happy slave-stomping and facesitting.

May 06, 2017 − Anabela

9:09 minutes

Anabela has fun with treatening her slave with trampling, facestanding, kneeling and facesitting.

After some action-things like armtrampling or breath-taking by feet, follows a relaxter scene with breathtaking facesitting.

And when she thinks its enough relaxed, she finds a nippel for squeeze or some ribs for tickling.... The game between fun and pain.



Katharina's Jeans-facesitting

May 04, 2017 − Katharina

8:24 minutes

New edited clip from the DVD

Katarina binds her slave on a bench, sits on his body and moves then on his face.

under verbal instruction of Vanessa, the camera-woman (german)



Miss July, gym-ball facesitting

May 02, 2017 − Miss July

6:23 minutes

Member wish:

Miss July has her slave's head on a gym-ball and sits on his face.

First she places her nice ass reverse on the face and tryes to bounce a little, but it seems to be very unstable, so she changes direction and rubs her crotch on his face.



Yvette & Adriana: A lesson into facesitting:

April 29, 2017 − Adriana, Yvette Costeau

7:01 minutes

Yvette shows her friend Adriana, how to treat a slave with facesitting.

Step 1: kneel on his throat while chains to the bench.

Step 2: mount his face like a horse and enjoy the feeling of the crushed face under you.

Then Adriana sits on his belly for increasing his (dis)comfort.

They change places and sitting-direction and -positions, use their hands for playing "cutting off the air-supply" (HOM)....



Vicky's facesitting-test

April 27, 2017 − Vicky

5:21 minutes

Newcomer Vicky meets the slave liing on the bench, ready for to take place.

So she sits on his face and looks how it feel to have it in her croch.

Incredible to see, how exactly a face is fitting between her tights and under her crotch,

it's like it was made for it ;-)



Renate's ass-jump slave-flattening

April 25, 2017 − Renate

5:58 minutes

Member wish:

Renate flattens her slave with her ass. She jumps high and lands, ass first, with a heavy impact on her slave.

She uses every bodypart, chest, throat, face and so on for her hard landings.

Makes a lot of fun... (and may be some pain for him.) 



Isabella: slave-feeding under pressure.

April 22, 2017 − Isabella

6:58 minutes

Isabella wants to feed her slave with chocolate coockies. For this, she takes place on his chest, clamps his head between her strong legs.

Then she teases him with showing the coockie, but she eats them self... he gets nothing but she moves foreward and he has her ass in the mouth... after more teaser cookies she shows mercy and he gets a little piece.... and he has to swallow with her sitting on his throat

-not easy-

She moves again on his face or occasionally back on his stomach and using his face as footstool, or she helps him with her feet for better chewing and swallow.


Benita, Trampoline Punishment

April 20, 2017 − Benita

11:08 minutes

Member wish.

Benita has her slave on the trampoline-like bed and punishes him with jumping, trampling, buttdrops, face- and throatriding, faceslapping and...... She does it without mercy -- Benita-Style.


Alisea's first facesitting re-edit part 2

April 18, 2017 − Alisea

12:43 minutes

Part 2 of the DVD:

Alisea removes her leather hotpants and sits again on her happy slave.

This time she wears a funny peace of underwear, looks very sexy and there is not much fabric between her and his face.

The facesitting-fun can go in the next round.



Katrin: how long...

April 15, 2017 − Katrin

9:43 minutes

can you hold your breath?

This is the question if you have Kartin sittig on your face.

She sits firm on her slave's face and uses a stop-watch to see how long, until he struggles so much to get free.

It's not easy to get free in this way with Katrin above, because she's strong and heavy enough for holding him down.

So he has to struggle for his life... and earning some punishment scissorhold clamp and stomping kick.