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Yvette Costeau and her face-eating ass-crack

May 30, 2017 − Yvette Costeau

9:58 minutes

re-edited "old" clip from the DVD:

Yvette shoews, how her well formed ass fits perfect on the face of her cushion-slave.

His face goes in her ass-crack like it would be eaten.




Katrin: feel the strengh of my legs and ass!

May 27, 2017 − Katrin

7:49 minutes

Katrin teaches her lazy slave with her power and strengh.

First she has his head between her powerfull legs and squeezes him with scissorholds.

He tries to resist and to get free, but no chance, Kartins legs are to strong.

Soon he gets weaker and she can change to a more comfortable sitting position on his face.

Now he has to fight for breath under her nice ass, sometimes he can turn the head for a sip of air but she hops back on his face.



Anastasia, the first faceride, part2

May 25, 2017 − Anastasia

12:53 minutes

This time with sound! (download it again)

Second and last part of re-edited clip from the first session with Anastasia...

 after some hot minutes of facesitting, she removes the hotpants and sits again on the happy slave's face. His nose gets burried deep in Anastasias pussy and ....hole.

Part2: In the beginning, she sits on his chest and tickles his ribs and enjoy the feeling of a squirming body under her, then in goes on with nude body- throat- facesitting, he has to lick her holes and he gets eaten.


Francy, feel my weight crushing you

May 23, 2017 − Francy

13:34 minutes

Found two more clips of the heavy-weight Francy having fun with crushing her slave's face.



Miss July's breath-endurance test

May 20, 2017 − Miss July

8:08 minutes

Miss July is training her slave in breath-holding, and the best way to do this, is to restrict his breath with her ass.

She binds his hands and starts the game with decending down on his face and start the stop-watch.

Soon he beginns to struggle and fight again her sporty ass on his face, he nearly throw her off....

So she changes the direction, sitting now reverse on his face, his nose deep in her ass-crack, maybe he can hold longer his breath... or maybe she sits better in this way and he has no chance and must hold his breath, because there is not much air in the ass-crack.



Fetisha, Pink Panther Facesitting 2

May 18, 2017 − Fetisha

6:34 minutes

This time fetisha sits in her pink-panther-dress for the whole clip in foreward position. 

More than 6 minutes of breathtaking torture, because there is no air, sometimes he throws her off. 

Then she jumps with a hard landing back on his face, with a crushing effect to his nose, but who cares?


Anastasia, the facesitting-stool 2, nude facesitting

May 16, 2017 − Anastasia

5:38 minutes

Anastasia has her slave lying in a specaial Facesittingstool.

This time she sits with her naked ass and pussy on his face.

She let slide his tongue and nose deep in her pussy.



Daliah's slave-ride on the ball

May 13, 2017 − Daliah

6:33 minutes

Daliah has her slave, face-up, on a gymnastic-ball, ready for to be sat on.

She takes place on his face, balances on him and does some riding moves.

She changes her position and direction and let him only little sips of air, this must be enough for survive.



Vintage mixed wrestling

May 11, 2017

28:53 minutes

From the DVD

Wrestling fun in the past, first half of the DVD


Jill Diamond & Sue-X-ess, Double Sitting & Domination Fun, Part 2

May 09, 2017 − Jill Diamond, Sue-X-ess

5:14 minutes

re-edited clip from DVD

Jill Diamond and Sue-X-ess torture the slave with hard nylon-facesitting.

Beneath hard facesitting and facebouncing they humilate the victim with spitting, nipplesqueezing, trampling.... and... and the whole palette of funny things, what two dominant women like to do.

A short-movie with a lot of action with the main focus on facesitting.

Part 2 of the shortmovie with sue facebouncing and hand-over-mouth-"breath-cutting" and more facesitting.