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Jill Diamond, shiny leather facecrushing & hard PVC Facesitting

August 02, 2016 − Jill Diamond

10:11 minutes

2 Re-edited clips of Jill Diamond, wearing PVC or leather hotpants and sitting on the "happy" slave's face

Jill Diamond sits foreward on the slaves face. She wears a nice shiny leather hotpants. Her sittingstyle is very rough, she lifts her legs from the ground for presssing with her entire weight, she fixes his head between her strong toghts, no chance to turn the head, when he run out of air... and Jill sits long time, running out of air is her program, combined with a lot of verbal humilation (german).

Jill wears tight, black-shiny PVC shorts and sits reverse on her slave's face
Jill Diamond style: mercyless, no air and fullweight



Renate's SGP-bounce-n-ride

July 31, 2016 − Renate

6:03 minutes

Renate sits in a schoolgirl-pin (SGP) on the chest of her victim. He tries to throw her off, but she easy ride it out. A little chestride-rodeo and soon she's on his throat...... throat-ride-fun.... including windpipe-crush. Sometimes she turns and sits reverse; without to see his suffering expression, she can ride harder, jump higher and land heavier. All gets crushed under her beautyful bottom!


Darkwing Zero Facesitting in Nylons

July 28, 2016 − Darkwing Zero

5:07 minutes

Darkwing Zero let her slave suffer under her big ass, while she reads a art-book with fetish-pics. She sits on his face like on a chair, means with all her weight. His face gets burried deep in her flesh, there is no air-supply... but who cares, she wants to enjoy her book....


Fetisha, Smash the face 2

July 27, 2016 − Fetisha

15:11 minutes

Re-edited clip from the DVD

Under verbal instruction of the sadistic camera-operatrice Vanessa.

The facesmashing goes on, even harder than in the first part. Buttdrops and bounces on the body and face. Sometimes, Fetisha has a special sit-down method, when she decends on a face, the last few inch shee does in free fall.... and heavy impact on the face.



Yvette Costeau: enjoy my jeans-ass... full-weight!

July 24, 2016 − Yvette Costeau

13:48 minutes

The slave is lazy on the ground when Yvette, in tight bluejeans, enters the scene. First she steps with her cold feet on his arms, stands over his face and slowly decends reverse on his face. Her jeans-ass looks so round and soft, but she fills the jeans so tight, that her ass squeezes mercyless the poor face. You can see how his nose gets flattened like under a press. In the middle of the clip, she steps on hism and uses him for a short time as a surfboard, only to continue with hard and consequent jenasfacesitting.


Anastasia, the first faceride

July 20, 2016 − Anastasia

14:03 minutes

Re-edited clip from the first session with Anastasia. In the beginning, she wears a golden lycra hotpant, but after some hot minutes of facesitting, she removes the hotpants and sits again on the happy slave's face. His nose gets burried deep in Anastasias pussy and ....hole.



Miss July's Phone-seat

July 17, 2016 − Miss July

6:40 minutes

Miss July sits on her slave's face, while she's doing some phone-calls. The slave's head is on a bouncy gymnastic-ball, so Miss July's seat is not very stable.... but bouncy... a bouncy face-saddle can make fun! Some POV shots at the end let you be inside this video-clip.... and receive the nice treatement.


Moira, a face for a ride

July 15, 2016 − Moira

5:04 minutes

Moira has a nice ass... right for facesitting. She uses the face under her for a big faceriding-pleasure... her pleasure!!!


Misstress Arielle, Domination-wrestling-tickling-facesitting

July 13, 2016 − Arielle

15:07 minutes

Mistress Arielle wrestles her slave down and hold him down with her weight. He has no chance between her masive tight and under her big weight, her victory is a clear thing. Then she begins to tickle him, even when she's sitting on his face... a form of torture with much laughing.



Carrie Cox face-flattening-time

July 10, 2016 − Carrie Cox

4:59 minutes

Carrie, tall and relatively heavy, sits reverse on her slave's face, throat and chest. She begins on his face, decends slowly and streches out the legs for sitting with all her weight. He struggles because lack of air, so she moves on his throat and let him hardly breath with her 170+ lbs on his windpipe.