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Chrissy nude face-bouncing and -riding

August 25, 2016 − Chrissy

9:33 minutes

Reedited longer clip from the past, containing:

Chrissy's Facebouncing & Smother 

Chrissy sits reverse on her slaves face and bounces up and down. When she makes a bouncing-break, she takes his air-supply by smother with her hands, then she continues with bouncing.

Chrissy, no air games 

Chrissy is nude, teases her slave with the sight on her sexy flesh, sits on him, mostly on his face and takes his air with her hand over mouth and with sitting on his face.


Cassandra, no chance under me 1

August 23, 2016 − Cassandra

9:16 minutes

Cassandra dominates her slave with her weight. She sits on his body and face, he tries to escape, but he has no chance, she's to heavy and strong for him
re-edited long clip from the DVD



Daliah: enjoy my golden ass!

August 21, 2016 − Daliah

6:36 minutes

Daliah usess her slave as her human furniture on the sofy. She wears a golden dress, her ass looks stunning in it... How ever! She sits on his face in several positions, taunting him about his unfitness in holding his breath... he needs training... = more ass on the face :-)


Yvette Costeau, facesitting in fitnessdress

August 18, 2016 − Yvette Costeau

11:06 minutes

Collection of two "old" clips:

Yvette Balancing-Sitting on a Face 

Yvette wears a spandex aerobic dress and sits reverse on her slave face, she's lifting her feet from the ground and tries to hold her balance in different positions, meditation-like, dancing-like and....

Yvette Costeau, Smell my fitness-dress while i sit

After her workout Yvette sits down on the face of her slave for rest. He has to inhale the taste of her sweaty ass... or not to breath.


Kitty Core, the faceriding tatoo-lady

August 16, 2016 − Kitty Core

7:39 minutes

Kitty has her slave on a high bench, she sits with all her weight on his face like on a horse. She bounces and wiggles her ass over the face, then she sits sometimes quiet and smother him under her flesh. For an extra torture, she moves a little foreward on his throat and tries to crush his windpipe with all her weight.
Guillotine-sit in Kitty style!



Miss LadyShot: The throne of teh wasp-queen

August 14, 2016 − Miss Ladyshot

10:35 minutes

Miss LadyShot in yeloow-black tights, looking dangerous like a wasp-queen, needs a seat..... and order her slave to the end of the mat for comfortable sitting.

She decends slowly her fleshy ass on his face and has him good fixed in her ass-crack. For more discomfort to him she begins to tickle... he hates this and begins to struggle and squirm, but no way, Miss LadyShot is a passionate rider and it's easy for her to ride his atemps out.

Later in the clip, he's fully surrendered, she uses him as her toy, does some buttdrops on his chest... and maybe also on his face....

Like ever: Fun for her... and pain for him :-)


Sarah & Pamela, Double-Facesitting Fun

August 11, 2016

7:21 minutes

Lets crush his face together!!! So Sarah and Pamela team up and sit on the face and body of their slave at the same time. Sarah sits on his face and Pamela, first sitting on his stomach, sits on her lap, double weight = double crushing-fun... double trouble for him. Then they change positions...


Lady Savanna's wrestling-Lesson and tickle punishment

August 09, 2016 − Lady Savanna

11:39 minutes

Lady Savanna meet her slave lying lazy on the bed, so she has to teach him a lesson wich he wont forget, Quickly she jumps on the bed, towering ower him, then she decends to a schoolgirlposition on his chest. He tryes to resist and wrestl back, but he has no chance against her 200 lbs pressing him down. When his resisting stops because he's to weak, she begins to punish him, with heavy bodybouncing and -riding, tickling and so on. 



Carrie Cox: CFNM domination and handjob

August 07, 2016 − Carrie Cox

13:53 minutes

CFNM = clothed female and naked male. 

The slave is naked on the high bench, Carrie steps over hi face and decends slowly to sitting position. In the beginning she does nothing than sitting on his face and throat, leaing back for squashing him with her full weight, but she didn't touch the cock until it begins to erect.

Now she shows some mercy and massage the cock with her hands, still sitting with all weight on him.... he must come under pressure


Juliette reloaded: "Juliette 1st Facesitting" and "Juliette, fullweight Facesitting on the bench"

August 04, 2016 − Juliette

10:36 minutes

Juliette 1st Facesitting 

Juliette's first contact with facesitting, she's learning quick

Juliette, fullweight Facesitting on the bench 

The slave lies on a high bench and Juliette sits on reverse his face. The bench is so high, that her feet don't touch the floor. REAL FULLWEIGHT FACESITTING