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Vicky: come deep in my ass!!!

September 15, 2016 − Vicky

6:05 minutes

Vicky, sweet loocking like ever, binds her slave's hands and uses his face as her chair. She sits in differrent ways on his face, shakes her ass for grinding his nose deeper in her ass-crack


Vintage video 136: Punishment of the burglar (part 1, wrestling in jeans)

September 13, 2016

11:06 minutes

A young lady in jeans overpowers a stupid burgler with wrestling on the bed. After some wreslting-moves, he has no chance, she uses his face and body for her pleasure. The faceriding in various ways makes worth to watch this vintage video.



Isabella's school-girl-pin and bodyweight game

September 11, 2016 − Isabella

22:45 minutes

Isabella steps over her lieing slave, first teasing him with her cold feet, but soon she decends on his chest and takes his head between her fleshy tighs. Now he has to endure her big, soft and heavy ass in many ways on his body and face.

Collection contains 3 clips: the full-length clip, one part with reverse sitting and one part with foreward sitting.


Zeraphin Jeans Facesitting 1

September 08, 2016 − Zeraphin

6:31 minutes

Newcomer Zeraphin sits, wearing tight blue-jeans, on the slave's face. It's her first time, but she's under instruction of the routinier Stefanie, who did the camera-work


Moira's sexy sideward facesitting

September 06, 2016 − Moira

5:07 minutes

A member had a question about the pic of the FacesittingParadise-mainpage, this is the clip of it.

Moira binds her slave on the bench and places her beautiful ass on his face.
This Ass is made for Facesitting!!!



Yvette Costeau and the happy face under her lycra butt

September 04, 2016 − Yvette Costeau

7:02 minutes

After some short slave-surfing at the beginning, Yvette decides to sit on her slave and have fun with his face in herr ass. She sits foreward and changes to reverse with streching her legs for apply all her weight on his face. When he beginns to struggle Yvette lsaps and boxes his stomach for increasing his discomfort.


Schnuckel Bea, sweet pussy-pounding

September 01, 2016

15:41 minutes

re-edited from DVD "look under my skirt"

The sweet girl sits forewward on her slave's face and let him inhale the odor of her crotch


Darkwing Zero, Wrestling & Facesitting-punishment, Part 2

August 30, 2016 − Darkwing Zero

5:09 minutes

Darkwing sits most of the time on his face and tickles him for more struggeling fun. Sometimes he is buckling so much that he nearly get free, but only nearly, her answer is, sitting harder on his face.


Cassandra, more heavy jeans-facesitting

August 29, 2016 − Cassandra

9:40 minutes

Because i made an error and posted the same clip twice, here i post an other clip of Cassaandra:

Cassandra, more heavy jeans-facesitting

One more new edited clip from the DVD "no chance under me".

This time, she sits reverse on her slave's face and after some minutes she streches her legs for sitting with more weight, the facecrush under her jeans-ass gets heavier and harder!



Miss July the faceriding punisher

August 28, 2016 − Miss July

6:15 minutes

Miss July enters the scene with her slave at a improved dog lead, she orders and pushes him on a bench and with a little playfight he ends chained at tthe bench and Miss July can begin her treatement with body- and throatsitting. She's slim and a light weight, bbut her crotch fits best on his throat, he must supposrt all her weight with his adams apple and his windpipe get seriously squeezed. But the she moves on his face and takes his air-supply in the classical way.