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Renate's happy slave-climbing

October 09, 2016 − Renate

10:21 minutes

The slave is on the sofa and takes the whole place, but this is no problem for Renate... she takes place ON him. She pounds him in various positions, sits on the face, throat, chest and belly. She kneels and nearly steps on him... like he is a living mountain for climbing.


Madame Juliette, Smoking-break on the face & Feel my Ass right on your Face

October 06, 2016 − Juliette

10:45 minutes

Collection containing two clips:

Madame Juliette, Smoking-break on the face 

Juliette enjoys sitting on a face, so she continues. This time she sits for a cigarette-smoking break on the comfortable face.


Juliette, Feel my Ass right on your Face 

Juliette wears a sexy thong, it's so small, it's like nothing and sits reverse on her slaves face. She wiggles with her ass to the beat of the music, the best way for buriing his face deep and deeper in her ass-crack.


Verena, handycap wrestling, throat- and chest pounding

October 04, 2016 − Verena

10:09 minutes

Handycap-wrestling is when she starts on top of him and he tryes to escape.

So Verena starts with a high schoolgirlpin on his chest, and he's buckling for to get her of.

The only effect is that she's jumping up and down, landing hard on his chest and soon on his throat.

Sitting on his throat, it's wonderful relaxing vor her, her weight is doing all humilating effect, it's nearly impossible for breathing under her weight and she can squeez his head and face between her massive tights.

After his resisting is gone, she streches out her legs, fixing his hands under her boots, so much more weight on the chest makes breathing not easier, some last attemps to throw her of, resulting only more hard buttdropping fullweight on his chest.



Kim & Lisa, double slave-pounding and smother

October 02, 2016 − Kim, Lisa

7:26 minutes

Kim and Lisa have fun on their slave. Kim is the leader and shows Lisa different mehtodes in slave treatening with their asses and weight. Kim sits mostly on his face and Lisa on his chest. For more pounding and slave-crushing power they both bounce up and down on him or Kim sits on Lisas Lap so he has a double weight dose on his chest, what makes the air-supply more difficult and impossible if Kim closes his mouth and nose with her hands (Hands-over-Mouth smother = HOM).


Vicky, the hard life under my sweet ass

September 29, 2016 − Vicky

6:02 minutes

Vicky in white lingerie sits on her slave's face and he must smell the sweet odor of her ass


Tyra, Facesitting-punishment after wrestling

September 27, 2016 − Tyra

5:43 minutes

Tyra won the wrestling against her slave, so she can do with him what she wants. She sits on his face, in the beginning in schoolgirlpinposition, later she streches out her legs and sits with her full weight on his face. He has to smell her leather hotpants and suffer under her, because there is no air.



Carrie Cox, Chestbouncing to the limits

September 25, 2016 − Carrie Cox

5:41 minutes

Carrie Cox, more than 6 ft tall, sits on her slaves chest for her pleasure... and may be his pleasure, if he likes to be crushed.

She sits with all her weigh reverse and foreward on his chest and bounces heavy for more bending and ccrushing his rips. When she jumps up and down on his chest occasionally she moves back and crushes down on his throat... chrushed windpipe? who cares


Jill Diamond & Sue-X-ess, Slave-Destruction 1

September 22, 2016 − Jill Diamond, Sue-X-ess

4:49 minutes

Jill Diamond and Sue-X-ess meet the slave lying on the bench and making situps for workout. They think. he needs some additional motivation by domination and humilation and facesitting.


Yvette has her pleasure

September 20, 2016 − Yvette Costeau

11:27 minutes

I found an other nice and never released clip in my archives, showing Yvette having fun on her huspands face.



Miss July's dancin jeans ass for the happy face

September 18, 2016 − Miss July

6:36 minutes

Miss July steps over her slave's face, let him for a short moment the view on what he'll get crushed for the next minutes. She sits down, relatively hard impact, and first let him feel her dancing jeans ass with bouncing and riding moves. Is it to hard... poor boy? May be it's better to crush your throat, you make the better gasping sound, when your windpipe gets squeezed. In changes with some ass-drops again on his face and again on his throat, he is lucky that his face is not damaged after this.