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Lady Fetisha, pink-panther Facesitting

November 03, 2016 − Fetisha

6:21 minutes

Lady Fetisha, dressed in a hentai spandex-dress WOW!!, sits on the slaves face. When she sits down, she does it in her unique style.... it's not a careful sitting down, No it's a frace-crushing PLOPPING DOWN!!!


Yvette Costeau, nude facesitting 1

November 01, 2016 − Yvette Costeau

5:27 minutes

Yvette has the pleasure to sit nude on her huspand-slave. She (ab)uses him as her sex-toy.....



Isabella: a little fun-fight in nylons

October 30, 2016 − Isabella

6:33 minutes

Isabella looks stunning in her pantyhose, especially her round ass!

She does some fun-fighting with, better said, on her slave, with alot of facessitting, legpresses and some footworship.


Isabella, "come under the beauty's ass" and "your face in my ass"

October 25, 2016 − Isabella

13:43 minutes

Member wish!

2 re-edited clips from the year 2010:

Isabella, come under the beauty's ass 

Isabella, wearing a sexy glitter-show-bikini, orders her slave to lie on the bench, then she uses his face for sitting and facesit-dancing

Isabella, your face in my ass 

Isabella, winner of the Facesitting-Paradise award 2010, places her perfectly shaped, round ass on her slaves face, enjoying the feeling of the smashed nose in her crotch and ass-crack. So she bounces and wiggles her ass for digging his nose deeper in her flesh



Katrin: pretty throat-crushing and scissorholds

October 23, 2016 − Katrin

9:02 minutes

Katrin uses her strong legs and heavy ass for cutting off the air-supply of her slave. He is on a stools edge, his head is bended back so his throat and windpipe is fully exposed, ready fo to be crushed under Katrin's bis ass, if she sits fullweight, all her 155 lbs squeeze his poor throat. For some breaks, she clamps his head between her strong tights, squeezes and presses the shit out of him, like she want to pop his skull.


Moira, facesitting with a very sexy ass

October 20, 2016 − Moira

5:13 minutes

The sexy ass of Moira on a face, the dream of every facesitting-slave


Jill Diamond Facebouncing for oxygene

October 18, 2016 − Jill Diamond

5:39 minutes

Jill is sitting and bouncing on the face of her slave.

If she sits quiet on his face, there is no air supply....

If she bounces, he gets some air, but the impacts on his face are heavy and ....

What's better? Turn around and plop the ass right on the face?

Not an easy decicision.



Dalia: The wrong answer

October 16, 2016 − Daliah

13:43 minutes

Daliah asks her slave, how he likes her outfit. <br>"Sexy"..."Nice"...???<br>

Wrong answer, punishment needed!<br>With that, she steps over his face, asks again, but without waiting his answeer, she decends on his face... Yes, sitting on the face and crushing it, that's her answer!<br>She sits in several positions on him, mostly on his face, but also


Jenny's Blue-Jeans-Facesitting

October 13, 2016 − Jenny

5:17 minutes

Jenny steps with dancing-moves over the face if her slave, still dancing, she decends slowly on his face and flattens the face of her slave under her hard jeans-bottom. She is a crazy girl and does her dancing and riding moves to the beat of the music, sitting fullweight on his face. She 's a tall and quiet heavy girl, imagin how a poor face gets crushed under 150 pounds of dancing-riding hard jeans-ass.....


Alexia Facesitting reloaded

October 11, 2016 − Doñia Alexia

10:51 minutes

Re-edited clip with Doña Alexia from spain

Episode 2:

Alexia wears dominant looking black lingerie and the facesitting-punishment goes on, even harder. (10:54 min)