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Miss July, slave-jumping and buttdrops

November 27, 2016 − Miss July

5:53 minutes

Miss July treatens her slave with high jumps and heavy ass impacts. She has a lot of energy and the buttdrops getting higher and the impacts deeep and harder. For some breaks, she uses his face... only for continue with even higher jumps.


Chrissy, my ass takes your breath

November 24, 2016 − Chrissy

5:08 minutes

Chrissy sits reverse on her slave's face. She rubs gently her nice round, soft ass over his face to the beat of the music. And sometimes she smothers him with her hands over his mouth.


Lady Alisea's first facesitting, part1

November 22, 2016 − Alisea

14:14 minutes

Re-edited clip from the DVD "Lady Alisea's first facesitting"

Alisea sits the first time on the slave's face. In the first part1 the action is on a massage-bench. In the beginning she wears black leather hot-pants. She's sitting in every possible way mercyless on the slaves face.



Katrin's muscle-riding and facesitting punishment

November 20, 2016 − Katrin

11:27 minutes

Katrin enters the scene, steps on her slave's hands and arms. Standing fullweight on his upper arms, yes it hurts alot, she complains about his not cleaning the house and so on.... she begins to enjoy to have a  helpless slave under her for punishments. She decends her knees on his arms, still doing hard fullweeight muscle-massage. Now she has him in a school-girl-pin, he has no chance to throw her off, she's to strong and heavy for his weakness, he can only receive, what she serves. Many long breathless moments under her ass are following, she changes several time the position... for her comfort?... or better for his discomfort!


Jenny, Facebouncing is fun and Rodeo on a face

November 17, 2016 − Jenny

8:53 minutes

Collection of two re-edited clips:

Jenny has fun with buttdropping and bouncing on a face


Big Jenny rides a face like a rodeo-horse.


Anastasia's erotic facesitting fun 2, reloaded

November 15, 2016 − Anastasia

13:39 minutes

Part 2 of the One houre clip of Lady Anastasia having fun with sitting on her slave's face.

Now it's time for facesitting on the bench, Anstasia wears a little string and sits mostly fullweight on his face, soon she shoves the string away for more natural feeling.




Miss LadyShot: The furniture for the Lycra-Leo-Lady

November 13, 2016 − Miss Ladyshot

7:14 minutes

Miss LadyShot has her slave on the sofa and uses him as human furniture. She sits an kneel all over him. She likes especially to sit in various positons on his face, crushing him under her whole weight. When she sits on his soft stomach, she uses his face as her footstool, with inhaling-stinky-odor function.


Cassandra, sitting and tickling

November 10, 2016 − Cassandra

10:47 minutes

Cassandra binds her slave on the high bench, then she mounts his chesst like a horse, lifts  feet of the ground and sits there with all her weight.

For increasing the action, and with it his discomfort, she begins to tickle his ribs, so he runs easy out of air with her 80 kg's on his chest.

Turning arounnd, sitting reverrs this time more on the face, she continues with tickling...


Jill Diamond, outdoor Facesitting-punishment

November 08, 2016 − Jill Diamond

14:53 minutes

Re-edited collection of Outdoor-action. Jill Diamond punishes her lazy slave with consequent facesitting:

Because the slave didn't clean the house, Jill punishes her slave. She squeezes his head between her massive tights and sits on his face until he struggles for air, this makes her more angry so she reacts with slaps to the body and head. Jill continues the punnishing of her slave with facesitting, smothering and headsqueezing. She begins with a very high schoolgirlpin, she sitting on his neck and squeezes his head and face to a red pulp. Then she moves foreward and sits on his face, to the end she smothers him with both hands and her bodyweight.



Miss July needs a seat.

November 06, 2016 − Miss July

7:09 minutes

Miss July want to make a chatting break with her smart-phone, for this, she needs a comfty seat!....

Her slave lies on his back, ready for to serve her as her seat.

She steps over him and decends on his face and seeks a comfty place.....

But her slave is not quiet, he runs out of air and struggles under her ass... No Way! this isn't comfty!

She changes several time her position and direction, may be she finds her comfty place.... and he gets a nice facee-flatteing-punnishment under her hard bluejeans-ass.