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News from January 14, 2015

3 updates per week:

one brand new, never released full-HD1080 clip,

one older clip from the ancient DVD's, in WMV-SD (720x576 px)-quality, (member wishes)

one pictureset, hi-res, made with digital photo-camera.

Arielle, comfortable facesitting in white jeans

June 22, 2017 − Arielle

5:26 minutes

With the time, Arielle, our sweet "little BBW", get used to sit on a face. So she enjoys to feel the face under her crushing 175 lbs and she tries different positions for have it more comfortable... no time for breathingbreaks... she forgot it easy:-) With nice closeups of the crushing effect on the face.


Jill Diamond & Sue-X-ess, Double Sitting & Domination Fun, Part 3 reloaded

June 20, 2017 − Jill Diamond, Sue-X-ess

5:24 minutes

Jill Diamond and Sue-X-ess torture the slave with hard nylon-facesitting. 

Beneath hard facesitting and facebouncing they humilate the victim with hand-over-mouth HOM, breathplay, nipplesqueezing, feet in face.... and... 

and the whole palette of funny things, what two dominant women like to do. 

A short-movie with a lot of action with the main focus on facesitting.




Daliah and her invalid pony

June 17, 2017 − Daliah

6:25 minutes

Daliah's slave isn't a good pony, to weak legs and to slow; but she has the idea: her pony needs weels.

She orders him to put his head on a seat with weels, then she mounts him like a pony and "rides" around.

She changes her position and direction, for finding the best way of driving/riding her pony.

Crazy people and crazy game, but nice to view.



Benita, Wrestling & Punishment,

June 15, 2017 − Benita

11:06 minutes

re-edited old clip 

The stupid slave made the mistake to begin a wrestling-match with Benita.

Benita isn't tall, but she's very strong, he has no chance.

Wrestled down in a few seconds, he gets a punnishment he won't forget.

Benita hit him with every part of her body, handslaps, kneedrops, feetstomps, kicks to the body bodytrample and -jumping, her repertoire is a good punishment. To the end she punishes his face with her ass...




Yvette Costeau, more Faceriding is funv

June 13, 2017 − Yvette Costeau

5:22 minutes

re-edited clip from DVD

Yvette continues with sitting and riding on the face of her huspand for her pleasure. 

She sits reverse on his face and the moving of her hips and the rubbing of her pussy increases. 

Is it domination? 

Is it sex?......



Miss Mandy's one-sided ass-fight fun

June 10, 2017 − Miss Mandy

6:42 minutes

Miss Mandy has a little fight with her slave. Because she's so much smaller, they start with her on top.

She's smaller, but this doesn't mean, she's less strong, no, she's alot stronger, than he thought, he has no chance to get free from under her, so he must take, what she dishes out... facesitting, asscrack-sniffing, bodysitting and so on.



Verena, Heavy Jeans-Shorts Facesitting

June 08, 2017 − Verena

5:01 minutes

Verena wears tight jeans-shorts and sits on her slave's face for the entire 5-minutes clip.

She didn't care, how much the face get squashed under her weight and the hard jeans, she only want to have her fun.


Svetlana's breath-therapy

June 06, 2017 − Svetlana

5:45 minutes

Svetlana, in the terror-nurse costume, teaches her slave with HOM (hand over mouth) and facesitting in beeing without air.



Linda's skinny jeans-ass faceriding

June 03, 2017 − Linda Cox

7:48 minutes

Linda is tall but skinny, and she sits in reverse schoolgirlpin on her slave's face. But only sitting is boring, what's about bouncing, jumping and riding..... gooooood!!! and gives a nicely smashed face under the hard jeans.


Lady Seraphina: the used forest-worker part4/WMV-SD

June 01, 2017 − Lady Seraphina

11:40 minutes

Re-edited clip from the DVD "the (a)bused forestworker"

After using the forestworker outdoor, the action goes on in the torture-cellar.

Lady Seraphina, now in a dominant looking PVC-Lack dress sits prolonged periods on her slave's face.

He is on a bench, she can sit fullweight, like on a horse.